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Tana's 'Face Value':A Trap-Infused Celebration of Authenticity and Challenge to Superficial Judgment

Cover art for Tana's single 'Face Value'
Cover art for Tana's single 'Face Value'

London-based artist Tana, known for her unapologetic and revolutionary voice in the music industry, has released her latest track "Face Value". This trap-infused anthem is a powerful statement of self-affirmation and a defiant response to superficial judgments, resonating deeply with listeners who have ever felt misunderstood.

Where do I start? I'm completely mindblown by this release. It literally has EVERYTHING. So, back to the basics, I'll start with the artist herself. Tana's artistic journey doesn't shock me, from collaborations with Sony US to gaining the attention of BBC Introducing, Gaydio, and Gay Times, and participating in notable performances including UK Black Pride 2022, NXNE Festival, Tallin Music Week, and London Pride, it's clear to see that the artistry of Tana attracts a range of music lovers and critics cross community.

Now, let's jump into the release itself, shall we? "Face Value" brings trap and pop together with a blend of diverse influences. Trap from the off - the melody offers a recurring uneasy yet catchy beginning, quickly to be joined by serious 808s. A bold start allows the vocals to stand out, they're a mix of Dark Pop and R&B, oozing with confidence and a captivating tone.

Promotional image of Tana, capturing her unapologetic and empowering presence, epitomized in her latest single 'Face Value'.
Promotional image of Tana

The lyrics explore the disconnect between external perception and genuine identity, challenging society's tendency to judge based on appearances. Confronting misconceptions and asserting self-empowerment, "Face Value" encapsulates the feeling of confidence and self-assurance whilst challenging listeners to look beyond superficial judgments, and highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting individuality.

Tana's artistry is bold, confident and assertive. Her energy is everything you could want in a pop meets trap production. Using her voice for good, her words hit hard, making a difference to those who experience similar judgements.

Through "Face Value", Tana's artistry stands out for many many reasons as a One2Watch! So make sure that you don't just take my word for it, go have a listen yourselves!

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