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TC Electronic's New Pedal Line: Blending Classic Sounds with Modern Tech

TC Electronic have released a new line of smarter guitar pedals that will equip your pedalboard with features that you may have once thought impossible. All of these digital amps are coming to market, with simulated cabs and pedals as all-in-one packages. But say you’re not into the simulated world. You want to keep things natural and organic and throw down a custom pedal board that you made with your own two hands. You do wish it had some modern bells and whistles though… That’s where these TC Electronic Pedals come in.

The JIMS 800 is a pedal modelled after a modded JCM800 tube amp and comes with two modes that you can dial in to feel however you wish and then switch between with a kick. You can output to direct input or straight to your cab for stage sounds, and also, you can plug your headphones right into the pedal and listen that way. The sound is incredible, with rich drive and crunch where you want it, with the ability to pull back for a cleaner classic blues sound. The DUAL WRECK pedal works on the same idea but models a different sound, the Revision G Dual Rectifier tube amp. Here the clean sound is sublime, bouncy and slick as a wick. When you set the mode to red, however, the horns come out and the drive is insane. If you’re inclined to play some Steely and then slide over to Metallica, this pedal will see you through it all and then some.

The COMBO DELUXE 65 is modelled after the 1965 Blackface Reverb Deluxe tube amp and gives you a lot of tone and voice control, without biting down hard on gain. If you’re looking to play clean sounds but want to hone in on the output, change the texture, or maybe add some master reverb, then this pedal will get it done. All of the pedals allow a pedalboard to level up. You now have multiple outputs, the ability to listen to your pedalboard through headphones and have your board shoot to multiple outputs, either D/I or to a cab/speaker. For £129.00 on Andertons and Gear 4 Music, you’ll find these a steal wherever you pick them up. If you need the new but want to keep a hold on the old, these pedals are your way to get there.


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