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Tha-GhostDawg Takes You "Sky High" with His Latest Release

Tha-GhostDawg is back with a bang with his latest release "Sky High". This upbeat and danceable rap/pop/club-type song is sure to get your body moving with its tempo of 125 bpm. The smooth and melodic female vocal by Akasha adds a touch of soul and elevates the overall energy of the song. Tha-GhostDawg's clean rap lyrics and Akasha's vocals perfectly complement each other, making "Sky High" an instant hit.

What makes "Sky High" stand out is its unique genre bend. It's a fusion of synthpop 80s influence of The Weeknd and the autotuned 80s inspired 'Barbie Girl' style pop to soft rap. Tha-GhostDawg has created an interesting and completely fresh sound that will keep you hooked. The song is filled with so many vocal layers and styles that every listen will make you hear something new.

"Sky High" is a unique creation that is perfect for the clubs across Europe. It's a must-listen for all music lovers who appreciate fresh and upbeat sound. Tha-GhostDawg has definitely taken us "Sky High" with this release.



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