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Skeleton Party

Cleveland, United States

Credit - Robby Fischer (body paint credit Kim Kennedy)

I have a challenge for you, dear reader, and the challenge is simple. Listen to, ‘Skeleton Party’ by The Baker’s Basement and try your hardest not to sing, dance and laugh along to this whimsically creative and instrumentally insane single. The Baker’s Basement have delivered us a single just in time for Halloween that NEEDS to be on your party playlist, this is not a debate. The song has a brilliant hook with lyrics that are stupendously brilliant. I am also yet to mention that the composition and instrumental skill of The Baker’s Basement is phenomenal, with guitar harmonics and chopping chords, the fun never ends at a ‘Skeleton Party’.

With a sound that feels like My Chemical Romance had an Autumn-Time fling with Flight of the Concords, the song opens up with an instrumental flare that oozes angst. - FREDDIE MCKEE

This continues into the song with discordant guitar chords and a melody that is so shoulder-boppingly catchy that you won’t be able to resist at least a little shimmy. The song builds with musical layers that showcase the underlying talent of The Baker’s Basement and the lyrics are simple, well voiced and so damn clever. Yes, ‘Skeleton Party’ is a funny song, but it's only funny because it's brilliant. Any band that can whack out a party banger with some personality is a front-runner in my books. I urge you to listen to this single but beware of the described dance moves within which may lead to: good times, great vibes and loss of skin.

“Oh it’s a skeleton party! And it's about to begin!”


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