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The Bicycats' 'Long Game': An Experimental 80s-Inspired Odyssey of Sound and Emotion

‘Long Game’ from The Bicycats is a song that sits in that experimental 80s wave of music that feels like pop, reads like rock and uses instruments from the moon. The song glitters with synths, they perk up, twinkle and dim. The drums roll with a swing and a pep. There is nothing to fear, the lake is serene. The vocals begin, they sit in the mids, whittling melodies out of the synthetic light. They lay it down before you, a work of art, a work of reason and emotion. The bridge switches tact, it's loud, it’s proud, and the song begins to grow. Soon the chorus overflows with sound. The big finish is bigger than you can ever imagine a beautiful calamity, a natural wonder forged from wires and steel.

The Bicycats weave stories from melody. There is a body to their work, a fire, a breath. There is life in their music, and it is a pleasure to explore. ‘Long Game’ fascinates from beginning to end, I dived in five times, and I’m still discovering.



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