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THE DEAD BLUES CLUB X MONEÕ - Party Tricks (Moneõ Remix)


Party Tricks (Moneõ Remix)

Kanazawa, Japan

Credit - Richard Gray

The Dead Blues Club have partnered with Moneō for a remix of their song, ‘Party Tricks.’ The resulting track, ‘Party Tricks (Moneō Remix),’ is a dark synth hard pop track that is beat-heavy and full of enlivening colours and textures. Metallic bells clang in the back, crunchy synths send waves of melody across your body as the vocals are distorted by the very music in which they thrive. The sound is overwhelming, dystopian and eclectic. But there is a light in the distance, a measure of brightness formed in the undertones of the sub-bass. A feeling of hope.

The Dead Blues Club have a wild and creative sound on their hands. When Moneō got their hands on it, it became a beast to be reckoned with. Synth music can take you wherever you want to go. To the past, to distant worlds, inside your own mind. The strength and power within ‘Party Tricks (Moneō remix)’ takes you exactly where the band want you to go. And that’s to the dark future, where style is King and the floor is welded together with gold. Mesmerising.



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