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THE EIGHTY SIX SEAS - I Need My Girl (Cover)


I Need My Girl (Cover)

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Credit - Patricia Koo

The Eighty Six Seas (feat Elly Kace and Straight Pepper Diet) have released a cover of The National’s, ‘I Need My Girl,’ and it is spellbinding from start to finish. It's no secret — I’ll say it upfront — I prefer The Eighty Six Seas’ version better. It takes the already synthetic feel of the song and charges it up by 100. It’s chunky, full of thick sporadic beats that alight atop the melody and bounce off, colliding with neon walls and falling down again. The vocals are honest, powerful, and the joint harmony builds to a wonderful climax throughout the song. The production is wild, you never know which way to turn, the instrumental is breathing its own breaths, pushing air through its own lungs. ‘I Need My Girl’ has been transformed from a song into a city, one that you simply have to explore.

Covers can be fickle beasts. But when you cover a song with a sound that is so unique to you like The Eighty Six Seas & Co. have done, then the song becomes just as much yours as it can ever be. ‘I Need My Girl’ has never sounded so diverse, honest, and profound. Wondrous.



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