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TheGOAT has plenty to say in new album #TheDetailsAreVague



The GOAT - The Details Are Vague

Vancouver, Canada





#TheDetailsAreVague is the latest album from Vancouver-based artist #THEGOAT. The 12-track project was released under Groundwerk Recordings and released in June of this year. This artist has already made waves. His first release as The GOAT (2016's "Flout" EP) entered Beatport’s Top 100 Techno Releases chart and climbed to the top 10 on the Top 100 Minimal Releases. I was super intrigued by the artistry of #THEGOAT so I decided to review his latest album. Opening the project is a piece named #RemovedFromService - Original Mix and this piece opens the show in a spectacular fashion. The bass kick rumbles in the ears of the listener to build anticipation as drone soundscapes are slowly introduced into the mix. This track will leave listeners intrigued by what is about to develop! A great opening piece that contains a vast amount of industrial drone soundscapes. #GoodMorningSinners - Original Mix is another piece where the bass drum kick holds the foundations of the track. As the piece develops we hear the intricate weaving of eerie synths and cinematically panned samples that will take any listener out of their surroundings and into the world of #THEGOAT. #Parsec - Original Mix continues the theme of the strong kick but introduces catchy experimental synth layers to join the show. This track is a real slow-burning one that will do well in club settings for sure! As the layers develop throughout the track we feel a rise in energy, something that we all want when listening to club music! #Random-Dot Auto Stereogram - Original Mix has an underwater feel to it, an echoey feel with a closed space reverb effect. This is another slow-burning track with all the markers of the perfect addition to a rave - so DJs make sure that you check this one out for your sets! #Ephemeral - Original Mix is highly cinematic through its industrial sounds - there's a lot of white noise and distortion within the piece that has you visualising dark settings - I think this would make a great soundtrack for a dark film - there's a sense of the night rooted deep within this piece. One thing that I picked out from this track is the variety of drum loop samples that range from speedy D&B to trap loops. It was very interesting to hear these provide a new concept within this project. #Alone - Original Mix has a very catchy bass and lovely sweeping synths that are minimal but highly effective within the piece. The female vocals from #Melohalo offer something new and special to the overall project. The lyrics and vocal style are both haunting and angelic in this piece act to bring the track into more commercial settings. I can definitely hear this track being played on radio stations late at night/early morning on a Friday night. The drop is also highly effective and brings energy to the masses! #YouMissedTheForestForTheTrees - Original Mix marks the second half of the album and what a piece it is. It's completely different from the tracks found in the first half of the album in the way that it is presented. This piece is a meditative masterpiece that will calm your anxieties and stress - I will definitely be putting this one on my personal relaxation playlist. It was refreshing to hear the contrast in the artists' abilities here. #Textiles&Plastics - Original Mix comes in to slowly introduce something more upbeat whilst remaining tranquil. The synths are meditative and the kick works alongside this to bring the listener into a trance-like state. #TheMudOfHumanity - Original Mix is another piece that sticks to this narrative but introduces a stronger industrial feel. I think that it is very clever and effective how the artist has separated his sound into two parts with a clear dividing track in the middle - the transition is almost seamless and allows the listener to feel the familiarity of the artist's signature sounds whilst still providing two distinct ones. #Vulcanize - Original Mix speeds things up a lot more than the previous pieces in the second half to bring us back into a heavy rave within our minds! I like that the piece takes us back into this realm as it reminds us of the early works in the project. #ReducedToAshes - Original Mix features many artists - something that I always love seeing in an album. This includes the input from #JamisonPrystay #JamisonPrystay and #RhettWilliams and of course, the man himself, #TheGOAT. This track has great energy within it which brings you straight into the piece. There's a real rock vibe about this one both in production and in the vocals - it was great to hear this new addition to the album a track before the end. Closing the show is a track named #ExitNow - Original Mix. This piece slows things down with its industrial vibes. It almost sounds like a plane at take-off - there are eerie synths that close the project in a way that will leave you at a cliffhanger ending. This is definitely a well-put-together project!


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