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United Kingdom


THORN is exploding rock norms. Experimenting with textures, lyrical accuracy, instrumental play styles and songwriting structure all at once. You may think, “Well that’s a lot! Too much for one song?” I say no. I say that you can cross a threshold with experimentation that tips the sound over the edge of “doing too much” and into the realm of the new. ‘ASHTRAY’ has tipped over the edge and is blinding in its rock and roll destruction. It takes all of the sounds we know and love and tips them on their heads, creating a toiling, bubbling mass of music that is inescapable and effortlessly rhythmic. THORN’s sound is all their own and it's a brilliant one at that. Grungy, thick, heavy and poetic, ‘ASHTRAY’ feels, more than it sounds.

Experimental rock is fantastic at capturing the bigger picture items. Entire cities, emotions or philosophical ideas. Here, however, THORN has turned even this idea on its head. An ashtray, that’s the focus. And by Jove, it's brilliant.

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