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THY VEILS - Upstream



Timisoara, Romania

Thy Veils … What a sound! The blend of modern pop beats and textures like synths and pads mixed with folk and acoustic percussion blends to create a miasma of soothing sound that envelops your very being. Their latest single, ‘Upstream,’ builds on these tones and textures to create a soundscape that is so like nature, it's transporting. It whistles like air, babbles like the brook and tweets like songbirds frolicking overhead. The vocals are the spirit of the song, the instrumental having lured them out of the brush and into view, cresting the copse. They rise above like morning fog resting on a field, before slipping away beneath with the rising of the sun.

Thy Veils sound is unlike any other I have heard. It's bright, intelligent and incredibly complex. Yet it doesn’t stray so far into the unknown to become music-less. It toes the line with acrobatic precision and delivers ‘Upstream,’ a single that still has me stunned.



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