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Top 10 Dance - 29/04/2022



dzill - Free Yourself ft Caroline Trugman

New York, United States

dzill has been lauded as one of the premiere DJs in NYC nightlife. Based out of New York City, dzill has received support from big name artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Deadmau5, Sam Feldt, Slushii and Sikdope. As a producer, dj and multi-instrumentalist, he has gained over 500,000+ streams on Spotify, and has performed at some of NYC’s most exclusive parties including venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, Leave Rochelle Out of It and Bleecker Hall, including a weekly open format residency at Solas Bar NYC. His most recent release 'Feeling This' was released on Gameroom Recordings, a subsidiary of the iconic Tiësto founded Blackhole Recordings.



Tyler Brooker - Saint (Dekcr Remix)

Glemsford, United Kingdom

This track is a super smooth, chilled-out deep house track. The original track, Saint, was extremely bouncy and groovy and received a great reception. Tyler then gave the track to a friend to remix - and here we have the Dekcr remix! This artist has made appearances on BBC Radio Essex and BBC Radio Suffolk. This track knocked us out by the quality, we were caught in the rhythm. This is a well-thought-out remix of the original! I love this one. If slick and smooth house beats are your thing, especially at this time of the year then you should definitely click the link below to check it out!



Pariz - Demons (ft. Milano The Don)

Fort Worth, United States

Texas based producer Pariz teams up with Canadian based producer GO HARD & New Jersey based rapper Milano The Don to create “Demon”. With its hard hitting drums, bass, rapping, & festival energy the track sets the mood for either getting hyped for the gym, or bringing back those festival vibes that we all missed. Pariz, an up-and-coming talent in the music world, thinking outside the box, constantly pushes the boundaries of experimentation and combining different styles while still keeping his unique attributes. GO HARD is a Canadian based producer specializing in Festival Trap, Hard Trap, Jersey Club, Hybrid Trap, Tearout, & Hard Dance who is constantly pushing the boundaries of the heavier bass side of EDM by releasing his tracks and others on his record label “Festival Trap”. Milano The Don, a New Jersey based rapper and producer, often writes drill trap, hard trap & dubstep. He is known for his hard, aggressive lyrics and rap on bass heavy hitters. This track delivers the same energy that is sure enough to hype you up for a gym session, get through an intense gaming session, or make us all rage just like you would at a festival.



Griffter - All Out

New York City, United States

After spending so much time in isolation and not being able to see friends, go out, and socialize, that need builds up in your body and mind. "All Out" tells a story about a guy who just wants to take that built up energy and have a rager of a night out with his friends. This was a collaboration done across the world as Griffter produced the song in Mexico, while Jones 2.0, a UK rapper, was in Thailand. There will be a NFT attached to this project, 15 limited edition NFTs that offer real life merch and perks!



Marze - Fallen Angel

Orlando, United States

Credit - Brian Horne

Marze is a producer and songwriter from Orlando, United States. His main influences are Illenium, Dabin, Said The Sky, Fairlane, and many more. Marze has had a good reception from industry professionals and has been played in "BBC introducing" in Cambridgeshire and in "Pride Orlando radio" He's played in the most popular clubs for EDM In his city called Aero and Guilt and will be performing in the most popular festival in Ecuador called "Xpotronica" THIS ARTIST IS UNSTOPPABLE! The single was recorded in his home studio and states that he was lucky to have Anna-Sophia Henry collaborate with him. In a statement, Marze told us - "This song is the starter of a new journey I'm taking in my music career and I'm really thankful to have such great artist like Anna-Sophia to join me. This song is a message to say that there's always something better to come during dark times."



Joey Grace - Biorobot

Long Beach, California, United States

Credit - Ariel Ehlers

Joey Grace is a music producer, NFT music composer, singer, and live performer based in Long Beach, California. She refers to her music style as “sexygloom”. During live performances, she plays the keytar, synths, and percussion while using a vocal effects machine to produce lush on-the-spot harmonies and ethereal loops. As one audience member put it after seeing a live

show, "Joey Grace's on-stage performance sounds like a dark version of Enya meets Marilyn Manson.” Over the years Joey has performed at DreamWorks Animation, House of Blues, the Special Olympics World Games, and she sang the National Anthem at Staples Center. Stream 'Biorobot' below!



DoosC - Praha

Saeul, Luxembourg

'Praha' is a piece of music in tribute to the city of Prague (capital of the Czech Republic). It starts in the streets of the city, with a beggar playing his guitar. And the moment he closes his eyes, carried away by the music... clap! Everything changes.

He is now playing in the breathtakingly beautiful Boccaccio Ballroom in the Grand Hotel Bohemia. Then his guitar is quickly accompanied by a Cimabalom (a traditional tabletop zither instrument), and all hell breaks loose. The modernity of a furiously groovy bass line, accompanied by a percussive kick, takes him into an electronic world where a gentle piano shows him a familiar path.

Until he meets the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, which takes him on a journey where past and future, tradition and innovation mix. This journey shows him both a majestic and ancient Prague, but also a city with a lively heart carried away by the enthusiasm of modernity.

Follow him on this dreamlike journey through the glorious "City of a Hundred Spires".




Oslo, Norway

Credit - Sander Martinsen

«SECRET» is a groovy Tech House with a great deep house vibe to it. The bass hits hard, and The elements of The project Are picked carefully. This track, fits perfect for Clubs, parties and workout sessions."SECRET" is a Tech House song, with some deep house vibes to it. The idea behind this one is to bring energy and a lot of groove on the dancefloor and at home parties. Click the link below to get your groove on! You don't want this one to slip your radar so go now, stream it.



Hyda - Sunlight

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

SUNLIGHT, is the Debut Single from UK Tropical Dance Composer/Producer HYDA. Collaborating with UK breakthrough artist and Famed Youtuber Tom Fearon, SUNLIGHT creates the feeling of pre-pandemic nostalgia, crowded beach parties, late nights and human connections. The melodic and atmospheric composition from HYDA keeps you on your feet, waiting for each drop to journey you through euphoria. As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, HYDA is an artist project created by Studio Owner, Harrison Perks. HYDA (Harrison) has worked in the industry for over 10 years, co-writing and composing and producing tracks for rising acts such as Lloren, Mauvey, Beth De Bacci, Tom Fearon, Naipia and Tara Flanagan to name a few.



D!lemma - Buzz

San Francisco, United States

Credit - Shridhik John

D!lemma is an electronic musician, digital artist, and producer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Music has always been a part of his world. When he was eight years old he learned to play a variety of instruments and performed at small venues. In 2019 D!lemma suffered a traumatic, life-changing brain injury that kept him away from a normal life, and music. The ability to listen and make music was taken away from him, with no light in sight. This experience in this darkness taught him to never give up on himself. Music was not only a healing process, but a creative outlet encouraging him to move forward in the world. He wants to help people going through something similar see that they can and will heal. D!lemma produces his own hybrid compositions influenced by a variety of musical tastes. He is a lover of many types of styles, describing his music as genre bending. As a multi-genre artist, he is passionate about creating music that pushes the boundaries of repetitive melodies common in edm.



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