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Top 10 Dance & Pop - 03/06/2022



James Stephen - Stronger With You

Stockport, United Kingdom/United States

James Stephen is back with his latest release entitled 'Stronger With You' and wow it's a great one! This track hits with a vocal tone that is similar to Lewis Capaldi but with the soul of Chic. There's even a sneaky line from Craig David thrown into the mix and let's not forget the cheeky hint at Chaka Khan's 'Aint Nobody' towards the ending. This artist is a genius! James Stephen is definitely an artist that you need to get familiar with! I loved everything about this piece from the funk to the heartfelt vocal tone to the breakdown mid-track. At Number 1 it had to boss a place in Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify Playlist! Click the link below!



Desperate Electric - Stop Making Noise

Butte, MT, United States

Credit - Mary Kantner Photography

Stop Making Noise is a journey through a diverse array of music. This piece implements elements of Jazz, RnB/Soul, 80s pop, and more through the use of clever vocal layers, crazy chord progressions, and fun, funk-inspired riffs. This track is a very very creative and clever creation that works really well on the ears and mood of the listener. You should definitely click the link below especially if you're into funky bass guitar riffs. Number 2 this week hands down! 'Stop Making Noise' has also made it into Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify playlist this week so make sure you join in and boogie!



Kahone Concept - Amicably

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Credit - Ari Riser/Ben Orrvick

Kahone Concept is a pop/indie artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Their latest release entitled 'Amicably' is the ultimate dream pop piece. The melody is highly electronic and melodic. Enhanced by a perfectly layered vocal performance I instantly fell in love with this track. It has a feel of Khalid about it but with a more rock vibe. There are some soulful and funk-inspired guitar solos that really lift the track into something that you can't help but feel deeply. This track had to make it into our Top 10 this week and has also made it into Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify playlist. Make sure that you click the link below and get listening!



BTAV - Love, Luv, Lov

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

BTAV is no stranger to TJPL NEWS. We've always been really impressed by his work. I was super excited to hear of his new release 'Love, Luv, Lov, and once I hit play I was not disappointed! Opening in a classic EDM fashion we hear a female vocalist lift us into the clouds with pure energy. The lyrics are catchy and ride the beat perfectly. There are so many upbeat synths, basses, and 808s in this track that you won't be able to contain your energy. Again, I can not wait to hear what BTAV has to bring us in the near future! Click the link below to get familiar with BTAV if you haven't already!




Rotterdam, Netherlands

Slime was born through the stacking of elements; vocals, instrumental layers, and lyrics. It portrays a drugged state of mind, a life formed by materiality and vanity. A condemned existence that traps us into the status quo, constantly seeking society’s approval and never our own for ourselves. Opening with distorted synths and an electronic muffle along with a shuffled synth starts this piece with a bang. This shortly vanishes to leave space for the introduction of a haunting electric piano progression with haunting vocals and electronic samples that are thrown in to add to the eerie effect. This track reminds me of the dark pop elements found in the work of Billie Eilish along with the addition of layered backing adlib vocals. This track is sexy and scary, perfect for atmospheric settings.



Tonoso - Fairytale

Los Angeles, United States

Tonoso has released their most recent piece entitled 'Fairytale'. This track is a song about giving in to love and how through every season, every change, you and your love with being there together until the end, fighting off any adversity the world may bring your way. I really liked the philosophy behind the song and so I decided to have a listen..and I am so glad that I did. It takes you into "wonderland" quite literally in lyrical content and offers something psychedelic and pop-based. Packed with hypnotic vocals, synths, and high energy we hear elements of dream pop and tropical house in this piece. I really love it! Make sure that you get familiar with Tonoso especially if you're a dreamer like me!




London, United Kingdom

Credit - Claire Littley

After her last release in February which followed an impressive run of 5 consecutive singles from August last year, Claire Littley returns with her latest single 'Running Back'. This track opens with an instant house and funk vibes to give you the ultimate soulful house anthem that gets you in the mood to dance. It gives a drum loop and bassline that enhance each other's existence in perfect harmony. Definitely one for your late-night drives. It hints at the 80s/90s-inspired dance and we're all down for those feels right? The lyrics are mixed perfectly with the instrumentation. A great piece of art that gets you in your feelings. Click the link below to hear 'Running Back' now!



DJ H CHIMIST - Life Bond

Paris, France

'Life Bond' brings a feel that offers both a dreamy and an energetic feel in a juxtaposed creation of electronic sounds. This is a piece that brings slow synths and the dominance of drum loops to create something that would be perfect in both club and reflective settings. It doesn't wait to pack a punch in its opening. There are so many elements that open this track including the vocals! As the track develops it doesn't overpower the listener nor does it bore. I think this piece is very unique. Click the link below to hear something sonically beautiful.



TheDamnedKirai - Float

Roma, Italy

TheDamnedKirai is a feeling to electronic music translator from Rome (Italy). This title intrigued me immensely and I couldn't wait to hear what this meant in terms of his music. When I hit play on the track I was captivated by the heavy march of the bass and drum elements. As the vocals join into the track we're given something experimental and catchy to accompany the melody. This is a true expression of consciousness in electronic form that enhances the electricity of your energy. A really cool piece of art is found here. Make sure that you give it a spin by clicking the link below!



Lorna Dea - So in Love

Leicester, United Kingdom

Credit - Lauren Lewis Photography

Lorna Dea brings something fresh to our Top 10 Dance & Pop this week. 'So in Love' is one of those pieces that are born out of admiration and serotonin. You can hear the dream world that this artist has been living in. This song is an unapologetic declaration of love. Hitting on the theme of trying hard to 'play it cool' but also trying to work out if the other person feels the same. This piece is something that executes the feeling into music beautifully. It's a track that is sway-worthy and allows you to fully feel those emotions when you're going through them yourself. Click the link below and get listening!



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