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TOP 10 HIP-HOP AND RAP - 06/05/2022




New York City, United States

Grenadazson, chose his artist name in collaboration with his country of birth and after hip-hop legend, Nas. After moving to NYC he said that he couldn't help but to fall in love with Hip Hop music and culture. The biggest influences he holds are 2Pac, 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake! Eventually he came around to making music himself as his passion for music grew and grew. This is a track that you do not want to miss so make sure you hit that button!



alpha kenny 01 - Astral Sports

Rohnert Park, United States

Credit - Alex Torres

alpha kenny 01 has released the first single entitled 'Astral Sports'. This track is highly influenced by the 'Gorillaz' is from alpha kenny 01's upcoming EP. Uniquely, this artist prides himself on making every single release different and I cannot wait to hear how he switches it up through the EP. I Styles found on his upcoming release "Curtains in the Living Room" include alternative rock, indie rock, alternative hip-hop, shoegaze, electronica, rap, piano ballads, and experimental alternative. You can find elements of indie rock, alternative hip-hop, and electronica in "Astral Sports." Check him out!



SHAW - High at Church

Orlando, United States

SHAW aka Garrett Shaw is the whole band and some! Having started playing the saxophone by age 8 he continued this art throughout him life to date. Now boasting skillful drumming too! After a few failed stints in bands he then decided to learn the rest of the core instruments - guitar and bass and be a one man band. Not only is he the whole band, he's the whole team too! "I do all of my recording, writing, and producing in my home studio in Orlando" His latest released entitled 'High at Church' is the first strictly rap song that he's put out!



jozie_ramone - Marik

Los Angeles, United States

jozie_ramone is a solo artist from Los Angeles California who produces, raps and engineers as well as holding the gift of being a guitarist (no bias). When sending us this track I was deeply moved by his questions - "Have you ever been up at night depressed beyond belief with no hope. Thinking that everything in your life will be permanent. Going on and on in your head with no control of your thoughts then this is for you. This song details how everything that feels permanent is part of an eb and flow of life. It comes and goes." I really felt connected to this artist and having listened to the track I understood why.



Izoki - I Eat Plants

Chicago, United States

I eat plants is a super comically catchy rap song that has the potential to go viral with the right promotion. It is all self produced and written by Izoki himself. I was instantly hooked like a fish on a rod - oh sorry, you eat plants? my bad. Anyway, when the hook comes in with a hard but super catchy beat, this is a unique song about a topic that hasn't been discussed before in the industry, plants. This song alone is guaranteed to gain the attention of vegans around the world. This especially has the potential to be a Tiktok. Very intriguing. GO check it out




Stamford, United States

Danny P is a 17 year old Recording Artist on the rise! On the rise in his hometown Stamford, CT, this artist has impressed many with his creativity. 'REBORN' is an energetic, hype song that has the potential to be the anthem for all those who need to feel free. I believe this song is perfect for workout playlists and videos, Viral Tiktok Dances and so much more! The buzz for this song is already big, but why stop there? This belongs in the mainstream. I for one hope he gets there! Click the link below to hear it for yourselves. See what you make of it!



Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L - B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese)

Brooklyn,United States

Credit - Jayangelwrld

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L could claim to know his city Brooklyn, New York, like the back of his hand and some of the same streets that influenced Breon’s poetry as a child, are now home to some of the most creative hotspots in America. However, Breon makes it clear in this release that noteveryone can be a New Yorker with his aptly named new single ‘B.E.C (Baconeggandcheese)’. This track really intrigued me and I know you lot are gonna love it so go run it up and then some!



iHATEJON - See No Evil

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

iHATEJON settles the score with toxic relationships on his new track ”See No Evil”. Half way through the Alt Hip Hop song, iHATEJON offers a remedy to this toxicity in the form of focusing on himself, his music, and living in the present. The NC artist teamed up with Italian producer kleo on this international collaboration. This is a great track! iHATEJON is an alternative hip-hop artist from North Carolina who takes inspiration from artists such as J Cole, Mac Miller, Dominic Fike, and Lil Peep. He also has another single releasing on Friday May 13th titled “See No Evil” so make sure you speak no evil and go hear it!



GOMUNKUL 6 - Six on My Face

Lviv, Ukraine

The music industry of changing quickly, and there are lots of talented artists from all over the world you are starting to make waves in this competitive face. One of the most popular up-and-coming artists is Ostap Partyka, who goes by the stage name GOMUNKUL 6, but is typically referred to as Six by loyal fans. Originally from Orlando, Florida, Six has familiar roots in Poland and Ukraine, rising to prominence after releasing the hit song “Six on My Face. ”Six is interested in collaborating with other artists to make sure to provide the best experience

for everyone.



AJ La Joya - Fantasy Freak

San Francisco, United States

Having garnered international press from Roadie Music, placement on Pablo’s Parlay 2021, and acclaim from the Further, rapper/singer AJ La Joya returns with a futuristic trap vibe with “Fantasy Freak” which came out on April 22nd, 2022. Filled with provocative innuendos and clever double entendres, AJ La Joya oozes cockiness over hard-knocking bass lines accented by grinding synths. At its core, the track is a club-ready banger that is euphoric in nature and lustful in tone. With a harmonized chorus that effortlessly blends into sleek raps and wordplay, AJ describes a steamy entanglement after a chance encounter. The release of “Fantasy Freak" continues to showcase the many colors of this versatile artist. GREAT TRACK!



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