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Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap - 15/04/2022



Danny Wright - TRAIN WRECK

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Federica Burellii

Danny Wright is no stranger to the pop-punk sound. Now back with his latest release, 'Train Wreck'. In trainwreck Danny symbolises himself as “waking up in bathtubs, smashing all of (his) guitars.” He has taken the rock’n’roll lifestyle to extremes, pushing himself to his limit in his search for purpose. Although hip-hop is not the instant feel of this track, it has a likeness to emo-rap artists such as the legend Juice Wrld. Opening with vocals and electric guitar we're given an intimate but very rock and roll opening. As the production of the song develops we're given a very messy sound and not in a bad way but rather a way that enhances the message of the track. Love this track!



Super Saiyan Jay - Let Them Be

West Palm Beach, United States

Credits - Super Saiyan Jay & Sergeantkipling

'Let Them Be' is the title of the new release from Super Saiyan Jay'. He informed us that the basis of the song is, rests on a conflict as to whether or not to choose chaos or peace."The whole song symbolises the back and forth nature of self as shown through his artwork where a reflection reveals his split sense of self. He told us that "Red represents passion, temptation, and emotion and blue represents peace, serenity, & sensitivity". Interestingly, in the middle of this metaphor lays a burning olive tree, the symbol of peace is being burned. This song is a real reflective and well-thought-out creation...Go check it out.




Willimantic, United States

ET sent us his track 'WISHING ME WELL' this week and the energy we felt was that of a hype rap song that leaves you with bags of energy. The lyrics offer something to think about - "Got enemies wishing me well, I hope they can tell that they do not phase me..." making it clear that his enermies don't bother him. Furthermore stating that "This song was written about the feeling of people only truly caring of another's situation when it's beneficial to them." I for one can relate to that, how about you? Definitely have a listen to this, maybe add it to your workout playlist to really get energised.



V-Train - Sunset on the BLVD

Lansdale, United States

Last Friday we praised 'V-Train' in our 'Weekly Top 10 Hip-Hop' article. This week he is back again with his track titled ' Sunset on the BLVD'. Opening with a choppy lo-fi synth combined with electric guitar gives us an analog effect in the mixing process. We hear the old-school influence in this production. Another laid-back track from V-Train. I can imagine this track also being on our Sunday Playlists or on our long travel journeys whilst looking out at the scenery. Ut definitely takes you out of your surroundings and into a blissful place of tranquility. This track needs no vocals to take us to wonderland. Stream now by clicking the link below.



Craig Cooney - Rich

Dublin, Ireland

Credit - Colm Slattery

Craig Cooney released 'Rich' last month. Having played headline shows in major venues across the country, and released multiple singles and collaborations to press acclaim and national airplay we knew he'd be one to keep an eye on. In 2021 he founded a ‘Cypher’ series featuring local Irish artists, reflective of Cooney’s heart for supporting his community. 2022 has seen him start with intent, with ‘Realise’ already clocking in as one of the most popular hip-hop tracks in Irish music so far this year. In recent months, Cooney was selected by FM104 to perform at the annual Gig alongside Gavin James, Wild Youth, Chasing Abbey, Soulé and Wyvern Lingo.




Groningen, Netherlands

Daniel Armstrong is back with his latest release titled 'Wasting Time'. We were instantly captured by the 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired artwork so we decided to dig deeper into his artistry. So who is Daniel Armstrong? Daniel Armstrong is a singer-songwriter/ recording artist who takes influence from artists such as Juice WRLD, Mac Miller and Lil peep. Telling us that he fights depression and addiction, we were moved by the lyrical content of this track as well as the Emo trap, Hiphop/rap, Hiphop/trap production style. Click the link below to hear it!



CMFRT. - Facelift (feat. Jay Coast)

Saint Louis, United States

This week, we got to hear an exclusive CMFRT. track titled 'Facelift'. This song was co-produced by cmfrt. and Jaheem - a producer/rap duo from St. Louis, Missouri. We were informed that "This song evolved from the beat, to the song, which was then professionally recorded and had a visual shot for it." We loved the track and so we put it into our Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap finds this week. We definitely will be keeping an eye out for what comes next in 2022. This track won't be out until next week so go follow them on Spotify to keep updated on their releases for the rest of this year!



Tony Loud Woodz - Paradise

Philadelphia, United States

Tony Loud Woodz has come back with the second track from his album titled "What The Hell Is This" He told us that for the video he "created this video with the help of Tee Visuals behind the lens and completed all the editing. I wanted to use the footage to show how cool Philadelphia can look if you just think a little outside the box. If you enjoy or this video piques you curiosity at all, please check out the full album "What The Hell Is This" on streaming services everywhere!" 'Paradise' was recorded in Paradise Recording Studios. Definitely one for your Hip-Hop/Rap playlists.



Yquzi - Unstable

Toronto, Canada

Credit - X10 Studios

Yquzi is back with his new release 'Unstable'. Yquzi raps, sings, and produces his own music in Toronto. He first gained traction when he released these 2 melodic hits, "Island" (2020), and "Arab Baby" (2021). He then went on to release "Versatile" (2021) after creating a smart controversy on TikTok, using one of the lyrics from the song. When asked who his main influences are he named A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, Lil Durk and Polo G. We loved the production in this track so we decided to give him a spot. Well done! Click the link below to hear his music.



Robin Shaw - Today's Generation

Diss, United Kingdom

Robin Shaw is no stranger to TJPL News. Hailing him at Number 9 in our Top 10 Guitar Riffs this week we also mighty him the spot here too! His latest release titled 'Today's Generation', is a track about various changes we have witnessed in the news and headlines ranging from political movements to environmental issues to employment to pollution to even more serious current affairs such as the current war in Ukraine. The song was recorded in a studios in West London in South Acton with producer Chris Hall. When discussing him artistic angle we were told "I love word play and try to bring as much storytelling and imagery to the forefront of my music. I guess my main genre/style is singer/songwriter but I like to dabble into Hip/Hop, Pop, Rap and even Jazz."


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