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Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap 22/04/2022



Nasti - Roses

Dublin, Ireland

22 Irish Hip-Hop Artist, Nasti has come through with his latest release titled 'Roses'. This production portrays mental anguish, struggles through personal dealings and relations, and ultimately heartbreak. In a statement, Nasti said "I put great focus on connecting the lyrics and flow together appropriately, supplemented by this beautiful sample in the beat. Full of wordplay." After listening to the track we really enjoyed the intricate nature of the production and the conscious lyrics which is why we've given Nasti the Number 1 spot this week in our weekly Hip-Hop and Rap. Definitely a track to listen to so click below and show some support.



Will Carlson - McKenzie

Gold Coast, Australia

Will Carlson released his debut single today! 'McKenzie' is about "a cute girl I saw on Instagram, and that's about as far as the story of the real McKenzie goes". Telling us that he wrote the track with the inspiration of Allday and Aries in mind, 'McKenzie' was written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered in his bedroom. The track begins with an old-school feel through the piano chord progression. The vocals are heavily autotuned giving the track an emo-rap feel, we really enjoyed the combination of these elements. Click the link below to hear it!



Brystan - Pyro

Tyler, United States

Credit - Brystan

Brystan writes, sings, and helps produce the music. When asked about her main influences she stated the following - "I really love Jessie Reyez, I think she is an amazing artist." and we couldn't agree more! Brystan's latest single titled 'Pyro' was recorded in Tyler Texas at Black Light Studios. Telling us that she feels like she's changed a lot over the past year and has been doing a lot more for herself unapologetically, she no longer feels the need to compare herself to anyone. This track captures the essence of being a boss whilst keeping to her Texan roots. Click the link below to hear 'Pyro' for yourselves.



Jro713 - 713 Bars

Houston, United States

Credit - Jro713

Jro713 from Houston has released his latest piece titled '713 Bars', taking influence from the likes of 2pac, chief keef and lil durk. His main objective is to make a change to the narrative of the youth who have been or are in an environment similar to his own. In a statement Jro713 expanded further - "We've been through a lot of hard times with losing our homies to violence Or drugs and seeing how crazy the rap/street game can be even if we haven't made it big yet but my main goal is to speak for those who can't speak for themselves and try and fix the youths way of thinking, even if I do make harder music at times it is still something that the rageful teens in these streets feel." We really admire the courage and ethos of this artist. Click the link below to hear his latest release.



TSB YD - A-Sign

Temple Hills, United States

TSB YD sent us his new track 'A-Sign' and we loved it. Born in Suitland, Maryland, rapper, and creative visionary YD has had a passion for music since he was 10. What started out as rapping in his grandparents’ basements as a child, soon turned into high-quality and innovative rap singles, EP’s, and albums. At the age of 19, YD formed his creative label, “TSB Records” and began seriously releasing his music to streaming services. After two years of going public with his music, YD formed a unit with his close friends and family to create a collective of rappers known as the “Bando Boys”. They collaborate on songs, mix beats, and support each other during releases and shows. YD has worked diligently to create a different and fresh perspective on rap music. After establishing himself in the local Colorado rap scene in his early 20s, YD delivered his first live performance and was met with strong audience enthusiasm. YD is determined to be next up in the rap scene so show some love and stream 'A-Sign' below.



Jōviky - Proud of Me

Los Angeles, United States

Jōviky's latest single 'Proud of Me' is inspired by an awakening, a moment of clarity inspired by time spent lamenting the loss of childhood. Sharing these thoughts and feelings that had brought the artist peace, he hopes that it can help others with dealing with the arduous process of overcoming childhood trauma too. The track is an earnest look inside the internal healing process. Jōviky candidly opens up about childhood loss and what it means to move forward in life without the certainty of familial identity. The emotionally charged, piano-driven production provides a solid foundation and bounce that adds a new feel and context when compared to Jōvikys previous alternative hip hop single 'Visine'. Jōviky’s music is an evolving hybrid of hip hop, pop, folk, and alternative with an innovative and genre-busting musical aesthetic. “Proud of Me” was written by Jōviky with production by Los Angeles-based musician MaxxWell Q.



Camille Antoni - Expose

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credit - Raymond van Mil

Netherlands-based producer, mixer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Camille Antoni returns with his latest single, ‘Expose’ featuring vocals from friend, rapper and long-time collaborator Pete Philly. The release is the latest from Camille's debut album which is due out in June 2022. The release will include further features with Dusty, Mani Draper, Tomas Ferdinand, Digitzz, Jermaine Campbell, Len and HALCYON. Influenced by a vast and varied roster of artists, musicians and producers, no sound, genre or method is left unexplored when Camille creates. From the ‘godfather of punk’, Iggy Pop and The Sex Pistols to the neo-psychedelic sounds of Tame Impala, as well as the work of artists/producers like Tyler the Creator, Mura Masa, Anderson. Paak and Hudson Mohawke. Camille finds inspiration in artists who create their own universe of sound and texture, whilst always remaining authentic to themselves and their craft. Click the link below to hear it!



Gus Brandelius - Flaskor på mitt CV

Stockholm, Sweden

'Gus Brandelius' aka Richard Brandelius. writes his own music and lyrics alongside rapper/producer "Kitok". Gus Brandelius' latest release titled 'Flaskor på mitt CV embeds a floating production that makes you feel like you're flying smoothly over the clouds. The vocals are performed in Swedish and we're told that they're about reflecting on your drinking days. "Flaskor på mitt CV" has both a deeper meaning and chill vibe compressed into one! When asked about his main influences we were told "Hip-hop from its birth til now and all other music genres you can think of" We like that and we like the feel of this track. Click below to hear it.



Dani Twice - Stupid bet

Tampa, United States

Dani Twice is a Colombian American, singer-songwriter, producer, and visual creator currently working in Tampa, Florida. After his conscious hip hop single 'Jump', Dani Twice invites us to hear his latest release titled 'Stupid bet'. This lighthearted nostalgic melody encompasses a melodic and rhythmic delivery with a subdued tone that conveys the feeling of being fed up and in the midst of needing a wake-up call. The infectious chorus repeats “I really need to wake up”. The percussion features a bouncy and upbeat pattern full of wacky and cartoon-inspired drum fills to create a smooth yet wonky feel while Dani’s layered vocals contain many ad-libs that display interesting vocal inflections that reflect and add bounce to his words, the mixing has a level of clarity that allows the delayed hi-hats to cut through and the lyrics are understood deeply. Click below to hear more!



King Uche - Motivate

Miami, United States

Motivate is a single created by Nigerian American artist King Uche featuring fellow Miami, FL rapper Phresh305. King Uche created this single after a testing year filled with trials and tribulations. The central message is that; wherever you are in your life, wherever your hurt and pain comes from; whether it's from fighting poverty, fighting pandemics, or fighting social injustices- it can not define you. As long as you stay strong and MOTIVATED to win You Can Never Lose! We loved this one, we think that you will too. Click the like below to find out!



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