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TOP 10 - Hip Hop, Rap & R&B 03/06/2022


Steph Lyon - Vengeance

Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

This week's top 10 is greeted by trending Canadian rapper, Steph Lyon, and his single, 'Vengeance'. Steph hasn't taken his foot off the gas all 2022 so far, consistently dropping bangers to satisfy his ever-growing audience. This track is one that holds a great deal of personal meaning to him, speaking on topics from his past that he previously seeked revenge for.

The hook is really catchy and it's good to see him trust his melodic potential moreso than before. Steph is building towards, what is sure to be, another hot project in the near future, so keep a sharp ear out for that.


Georgie - Never Learn

Ipswich, UK

Next up we have Ipswich artist, Georgie and her brand new release, 'Never Learn'. This song was immediately giving me Billie Eilish vibes straight off the bat, I'm a big fan of Georgie's vocal range and versatility. Not to mention, the song is a very relatable one beneath the surface, too.

It references the fact that you can express the consequences of a mistake to someone over and over, but that does not go to say they are ever going to learn from those mistakes and take necessary action. Yet another prominent talent coming out of the UK here.


Eric Matthys - My love is Forever

California, USA

Giving off some old school Chris Brown R&B vibes here, Cali artist, Eric Matthys treats us to his latest single, 'My Love is Forever'. The song is nice and mellow, and the tuning proficiency isn't overpowered, in fact it gives off quite an authentic essence to the energy the track's got going on.

Definitely one to pree for your R&B playlists this week.


Dani Twice - BAG MAN

Tampa, USA

Tampa rapper dropped his new song, 'BAG MAN', alongside Tony Narvaez this week. This track concisely showcases his versatility as an artist, he's not a one-trick pony. Dani naturally switches between rap and melodic flows consistently, providing a clean tempo right throughout the track. This is then succeeded by Narvaez's witty cameo, after and during which the pair bounce off eachother's rhythm with ease.

This one is a vibe for sure, check it out below.


Cush Wallace - Real Ones

Los Angeles, USA

In at number 5 we have LA rapper, Cush Wallace, and his new release, 'Real Ones'. Wallace spends the duration of this track spilling hard facts, that some people just aren't there for you, some switch up and he only wants people involved with his life who proved to him that they're worth keeping around.

A song that can easily be drawn away from its lyrical properties due to the dynamic factors, it is certainly one to listen close to. The trumpet elements definitely compliment the instrumental and contribute to Wallace being able to maintain the flow that he performs comfortably.


.irg, Michael Mayo - sweetie - Remix

Pennsylvania, USA

A rare authentic summer vibe on display here as Pennsylvania artist, .irg and Michael Mayo gave us the remix to .irg's original song, 'sweetie'. It is a more difficult feat than many imagine to follow up an original with a song that actually outclasses it, but I feel this does in many ways.

The verse provided by Mayo really adds an air of versatility to the track. He constantly switches the flow, without taking away from the theme of the song, the refreshed version is a certified summer anthem that I'm sure you'll love.


Obije - Around the World

Minneapolis, USA

Minneapolis artist, Obije, comes in at number 7 this week with his latest melodic-inspired creation, 'Around the World'. This has such a calming energy to it, a perfect, mellow vibe for a summer's day in the back garden. He does a good job at maximising a minimal insturmental, not only with the main vocal performance, but the backing ones too.

Very impressive work here from this surging talent.


3 Seconds to Skye, Am7, Selina Laubert - Lament

Harrow on the Hill, UK

The collaboration of a group of Uni students, 3 Seconds to Skye, crafted their track, 'Lament' around the significance the difficulties of opposing class societies can hold, and the toll it can take on the people these communities consist of, particularly the ones at a greater disadvantage.

One of the standout lyrics from the song best summarises the sentiments intended to be conveyed in this song, insisting that only "when the rain is gone", will everybody understand the depth of each other's pain.


ET - MOVE (Feat. Yung Xim)

Willimantic, USA

Wavy flows for a wavy instrumental, Yung Xim joins ET for his new track, 'MOVE'. The pair kow what they are doing here, and they know the kind of energy that is required for this type of beat. The hook is repetitive and ridiculously catchy. Likewise with many collaborations on this list, the pair accompany one another well on this track, bouncing off each other's flow with ease.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they both have in store next.


J.Juice, Big Krux - Poppin

South Carolina, USA

Presenting a rarity these days, an old-school type flow in the new age, J.Juice throws it back to the early 2000s with his track, 'Poppin', featuring Big Krux.

The South Carolina rapper sets his own tempo right from the off, ragging out some bars and subsquently speeding them up rapidly, before adjusting them again. It is a truly impressive vocal performance by the pair who both offer something different in what is a predominantly generic niche market nowadays. I hope they can bring this style back to relevance, with tracks lke this, they should have no issues achieving that.


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