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WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART - TOP 10 - Hip Hop/Rap & R&B 08/07/2022

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


Son.Person, Jack Trillmore - Deuces

Memphis, USA

Two talented vocalists kick us off this week with Son. Person and Jack Thrillmore’s ‘Deuces’.

It is a rare occurrence nowadays on the underground scene for two artists, particularly male, to accompany one another so well in singing on what is, for the most part, a hip-hop-orientated song. However, this has been pulled off spectacularly by the pair.

Person, hailing from Memphis in the US, speaks about how people take pride in hoping for his downfall, but wonders why they put so much focus into that, as opposed to what they should focus on, themselves and their own ambitions.

With the meaning and performance combined on this track, I see no other option but to slot it in at number one here. A perfect introduction to this week’s list.



Caspar Grant - Everything’s Been Done Before

London, UK

A unique inclusion in at number 2 this week with London rapper, Caspar Grant’s new single, ‘Everything’s Been Done Before’.

There is a high level of lyrical competency on display here from Grant, with the constant use of similes and metaphors to bolster that opinion.

His delivery is something I’ve yet to come across, and I really do like it, it adds an air of intensity to what are already hard-hitting bars.

I’d love to see more of this style across the UK scene, and Caspar Grant promises to deliver more of the same going forward.



AFTERPARDI - More Cheddar

Toronto, Canada

Toronto rapper, AFTERPARDI, offers a sense of nostalgia in his recently released track, titled: ‘More Cheddar’.

I feel as though I am listening to a song from a Cole Bennett music video in the 2016-2018 era. The beat, flow and delivery are all reminiscent of that.

This track is so catchy, and ultimately I believe that’s what’s going to make it a hit amongst his audience.

I’m looking forward to you hearing it, and don’t forget; if it’s your personal favourite on this week’s list, be sure to give it a vote in the poll at the end!



Alfie James - Liquor Store

London, UK

Some more nostalgia for number 4’s ‘Liquor Store’, this time by emerging London artist, Alfie James.

James picks his moments with this track. He has that unique ability to be able to switch upon command between singing and rapping, which he alters up quite well.

His vocals are talented, quite clearly, and his rapping has a retrospective essence about it. When he refers to small vernacular details such as “give me a 20 of silk cut standard”, which is a popular brand of UK cigarette, this is something which has a homely sentiment to his local audience, an aspect which can’t be undervalued in music.

He does a great job with this track, both lyrically and performance-wise. Great work!



Reno Valay - Vision

Toronto, Canada

Let’s sprinkle some US Drill across this week’s top 10 with Reno Valay and his new track, ‘Vision’.

New York rapper, Ron Suno immediately spring to mind for me here, I am a big fan of his work and believe Valay carries himself in a similar manner to Suno on this track. A primary requirement for this genre is high energy, and Valay doesn’t fail to bring it.

The delivery is perfect and he maintains it over the duration of the track. A solid piece of work overall!



OSP - Fill It Up (RISER Dub Remix)

Reading, UK

This original of this track was so good, they just had to make a remix to compliment it even more. Make way at number 6 for OSP and his remixed version of ‘Fill It Up’.

This is a special track with all the components of a successful one. The flow is there, the delivery is clean, and the wordplay is impressive. Not to mention the production gives it that extra edge. If I was to compare this song to that of an already established artist, I would pinpoint Manchester rapper, Aitch.

I hope to see OSP continue down the same path, as he seems to be finding his niche very confidently.



JOIE GREY - Untitled

Atlanta, USA

Atlanta artist, Joie Grey gave us his brand new release, ‘Untitled’, and it did not disappoint.

The versatility on this track is something to note, he recognises the repeat value embedded within his soothing voice, something not everyone is blessed with, yet he does not make the mistake of overdoing it.

He constantly adds layers to the song, slowing it down at points to focus on the concrete lyricism he makes sure is absorbed by the listener.

Joie Grey is an emerging artist who I thoroughly look forward to hearing more from.



Connor Terrones, Julian Cary, Roy Matz - What Can I do?

Denver, CO, USA

A host of talented artists appear on this next track, starring Tampa artist, Connor Terrones on ‘What Can I Do?’.

There are multiple different moods embedded within this track, and the two accompanying artists alongside Terrones are certainly to thank for that. There is a bit of everything, and the energy of the track is translated nicely through each of them. Ultimately they are discussing insecurities and how they are difficult to break through, whether they be your own or someone else’s.

The hook is nicely placed and the lapses between each verse are necessary to appreciate the soothing instrumental. Amazing work all-round by the trio!



YodaWan - We Move

London, United Kingdom

‘The Masked Producer’ as many sometimes call him, YodaWan released his new track ‘We Move’ this past week.

The most prominent aspect of this song upon hearing it is the powerful delivery. The message is clear; no matter what obstacle is put in our way, no matter what people attempt to do to bring us down, there is only one response: we move.

It is a moto which everyone should carry with them, and with such intensity in the performance, it really solidifies the importance of that message. YodaWan takes pride in the deep meaning evident within his music, and a message such as this is a clear indication that his writing and performance skills are not to be taken lightly.

I look forward to hearing more from him, check out ‘We Move’ below!



LdashD - Straight Outta Magazine

London, UK

Finally, to finish this week’s list, we have LdashD with something to get you off your seat with ‘Straight Outta Magazine’.

LdashD defines their music as “something that defies convention”, and that is something we see from this song. They are stubborn in the sense that they refuse to limit themselves to one genre, it is a multi-themed catalogue when it comes to LdashD’s body of work.

I love this track for it’s simplicity, it is a dance track, but I would say the description “a dance track for those who don’t like dance music” is also a fitting description. It combines so many elements from different genres that it is almost like a hybrid of each of them.

A really interesting, yet impressive track here by LdashD, and something I’m curious to see more of!





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