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TOP 10 - Hip Hop, Rap & R&B 17/06/2022


Laura Brizuela - Visions

Bielefield, Germany

Kickstarting her music career at 16, Paraguay-born German singer, Laura Brizuela has blossomed into a serious emerging artist of her era, and tops our weekly list with her brand new single, 'Visions'.

The energy on display here is reminiscent of one of the most prominent artists the new age of music has seen, Ariana Grande. Brizuela's broad vocal range allows her to constantly vary up the elements of this song. She clearly knows what works for her, but doesn't stick to one aspect, maximising her abilities to diversify in a way that keeps her audience guessing, yet ever-so engaged. I look forward to seeing what's next in Brizuela's prosperous future.


Darius King, Kodoku - She's Never Alone

North Carolina, USA

It's a huge day for young North Carolina rapper, Darius King as he dropped his debut project, 'No Skip Policy'. It's also his graduation day, which is ironic considering the certified banger he included on this project, collaborating with fellow artist, Kodoku, to make 'She's Never Alone'.

The production on this song is insane, the vocals are obviously very authentic, and they are perfected with the perfect mix oversaw by Belgian producer, Mavah. After listening through the entire project, I feel this is one of those that is going to do quite well. Congratulations to Darius King and his team for providing us with this excellence.


Super Saiyan Jay - Keep it Direct

West Palm Beach, USA

West Palm Beach rapper, Super Saiyan Jay dropped his new track, 'Keep it Direct', which comes in at number 3 on this week's list. The beat immediately stands out here, as it is sampled by NLE Choppa's infamous series of 'Shotta Flow' singles, in this case the first, it seems.

Jay comes in with the same energy that NLE did on the original, which I personally believe is required, it's not as easy to maintain a consistent rhythm on this instrumetnal as it may appear to on first impression. I think Jay did a great job at mixing up the flow, lyrics and overall keeping the track energetic and fun at all times. I'd actually love to see a collaboration between him and NLE someday, that could definitely work!


Nigel Hinds - Ghostin

Birmingham, UK

If I had to summarise Nigel Hinds very briefly upon listening to his new single, 'Ghostin'', I would brand him as a one-man boy band. He comes with that old, retro style that we are used to seeing particularly circa-2010, and it is refreshing to hear it come back into prevalance.

The track carries a romantic aura, which is complemented by the instruments used and the soothing vocal performance by Hinds. If you are a fan of 'Ghostin'', I suggest going back and listening to Hinds' 2014 project, 'Gotta Get Away', it will give you an introduction to the sound he has grafted to establish over the years, and promises to deliver upon further in the coming ones!


Terrarri, Carnell - P U L L U P

Jacksonville, USA

Jacksonville rapper, Terrarri collaborated with Carnell to give us their brand new single, 'P U -L L U P', which fills the number 5 slot for this week's list. I'm getting strong Tay K energy from this one. Terrarri carries the track well with catchy, repetitive references which are followed by Carnell's wavy approach, bouncing off each other's rhythm excellently.

This is a collaboration that works for sure, and it shows as this is the most traction Terrarri has drawn to a track in a while, topping his extensive Spotify catalogue in terms of popularity at the moment. Definitely to emerging artists to watch out for!


Trapent Swaggy, Noah Taylor Beats - Opps Outside

Texas, USA

Texas rapper, Trapent Swaggy and Noah Taylor pair up again to gift us with their new release, 'Opps Outside'. I was already sold on this collaboration after hearing their track, 'Megan'. Taylor is renowned acrss the underground scene for his unique 808-indulgent beats, and that is something that ha been conveyed to this song as well.

Swaggy is evidently confident in his sound, his flow is authentic and persistent across his entire discography to date, without seeming monotonous. It is clear that he has found his niche in terms of what his audience like to hear from him, which are instrumetnals similar to this hard-hitter produced by Noah Taylor. I think this duo can continue to do great things in the industry, have a listen to 'Opp Outside' below.


LA The Lost Angel - Do Me

Texas, USA

Texas gets put on the map in this weekly list again, this time by LA The Lost Angel an her new song, 'Do Me'. This song needs little introduction, it is already approaching 170,000 streams on Spotify, crazy numbers. It is no woner why it is attracting so much attention either, all you have to see off first impression is the quality of production on display, truly crisp and professional.

The song relates to something we have all felt in our lives at least once, the sentiment of lacking trust in others. The meaning, approach, lyrics and production combined in this song make it a really solid piece of work all-roun by the Texas-based artist. Well done to her!


Frank Joshua, Azido 88 - Rain (Azido 88 Remix)

London, UK

Frank Joshua's original version of his song, 'Rain' was already a popular one, boasting over 16,000 streams on Spotify and broadcasting his versatility as an artist. He chose to take a completely different twist with the track, collaborating with renowned DJ, Azido 88 to create an EDM-themed remix for the song.

This adds a new layer to Joshua's game, of course, there are many who will undoubtedly prefer the simplistic elements of the original, but he extends himself to a wider audience here, implementing his style upon a new host of listeners, Personally, I feel he introduced himself to this genre expertly, and fits in well. It's something he may look to propser in going forward.


Nicco Homaili - 666


Singapore artist, Nicco Homaili released his new single, '666' today and it did not disappoint. This track thoroughly devles into aspects of love and emotion, particularly when toxic energy tends to build in relationships. There is passion in Homaili's tone, lyrics and delivery, which gives us the impression he is speking from the heart in regard to some true hardship he has endured.

The tuning on the vocals is nice, it is certainly not overpowering. It compliments the hook elegantly, replaying in your head from the moment you hear it. This is solid overll work from the Singapore native.


Kyle James, Alex Ann - Morning Star

Hartford, CT, USA

To conclude our list for this week, we have Hartford rapper, Kyle James teaming up with Alex Ann for their song, 'Morning Star'. This song carries calming, mellow energy, and has been fitted with an appropriate title, it is a track that would lift your day right from the beginning.

I think it was important for James and Ann to understand each other's respective sounds before creating this one. It is clear they both did that, as they coincide to form a perfect collective ambience for the track's duration. I see bright future for the pair of promising prospects. Take a listen to their new track below!


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