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TOP 10 Hip Hop/Rap/R&B - WHO'S YA FAVORITE? CHART - 01/07/2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


Ezze, ODD - Spaceship


Let's begin this week's top 10 with a teaser project that's been highly anticipated across the European underground scene, coming from Dutch rapper, Ezze with his 'Interstellar Tapes' Volume 1, featuring standout track, 'Spaceship'.

Ezze's been touted for a couple of years now, boasting over 400,000 streams on Spotify alone, he's a prospect with the sky as his limit. 'Spaceship' serves as a quality display for his unique energy and relentless flow, he matches up well with every beat I've heard him on, and takes serious talent to be able to sync a drill-orientated flow with a trap/rap beat. Styles are certainly not a limitation for Ezze, his delivery is cold and he'll mix up any genres he has to in order to maximise that.

As it stands, we are expecting 5, yes FIVE, Volumes of Interstellar Tapes, so I advise you get to grips with 'Spaceship' before it takes off. Have a listen below!


pisceze - Red Handed

Toronto, Canada

In at number 2 this week we have Toronto singer, pisceze and her brand new single, 'Red Handed'. We'll firstly allude to the meaning embedded within this song, she is talking about a romantic partner(s) and their loss of the item of most value to them, which pisceze refers to as herself. One bad move, and you're out, no second chances.

The meaning of the song is a hard-hitting one, and it is conveyed beautifully by pisceze's vocal performance. She maintains her rhythm so precisely and switches it up where she needs to, I can already see this one being a big success, having so recently been released.


K1 - D.E.M.O TAPES (True Emcee)

Kildare, Ireland

Irish rap has become so prominent in comparison to a section of Europe which never really involved itself too much in the genre, however, it is still widely one-dimensional. This is something that rapper, K1 protests with his new song, 'D.E.M.O TAPES'. The lyricism on show is what I'd like to particularly note from this track, he is talking about really problems, how the inspiration from a song with great personal meaning dug him out of a rut and made him feel himself again.

K1's music is relatable to many, and his audience needn't wait long for more content, as the remaining two 'demo tapes' will be promptly dropping towards the end of July. Plenty to keep an ear out for if you prefer the finer details of the rap scene.


ChuckT, Ash DaBlunt, Slap God - Love & Attention

Oakland, USA

A treble collaboration takes us to number 4 this week, as ChuckT gave us his new single, 'Love & Attention'. This is a special collab in my eyes, as I found the overall vibe of the track combined with the flows and tones of the three artists reminiscent of Lil Wayne's infamous 2009 anthem, 'BedRock'.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the very track that inspiration was sourced from to create this banger. However, let's be assured that ChuckT and co. take a very unique approach to mixing this song up, level switching styles quite rapidly. It is a refreshing instance when three artists align and show their versatility together to produce something wonderful.


Mecca - Only One

Los Angeles, USA

LA artist, Mecca, seems charts-bound to many, and it is no wonder why when you listen to her new song, 'Only One'. It has such a natural balance, due to the level of production invested into it, yet maintaining the authenticity cemented in the vocals. It also has that commercial sparkle, which is hard to describe but such a key factor once included.

Her vocal range is practically unrivaled on the underground scene, this gives her so many option when it comes to adding different touches to her work. I'm looking forward to seeing her further maximise her amazing potential.


Ruchi - The Prey

Toronto, Canada

Another Toronto artist making the list here as Ruchi released his latest track, 'The Prey'. What I like about Ruchi is his use of progressive lyricism, you always get the impression that the track is headed somewhere. He is seriously conscious of his placement of sentences and structures them in such a way that it is almost like a story, yet rapped on beat and delivered with emotion and energy.

He switches up nicely between rapping and singing, not something everyone can pull off. This should serve him well in regard to the longevity of his artist catalogue, as the options of tracks he can create with the variety of styles on show in this track is surely enough to ensure his audience never get bored.


nikmoody, Nikki Silva - Truth is...

New York, USA

It almost brings a tear to my eye to see so many lyrically-based inclusions on this week's list, and we continue that trend with nikmoody and Nikki Silva's 'Truth is...'.

The delivery on this is so calm and collected, we are brought through the struggles of the artist's life and personal dealing that led him to become who he is today. Whether they were good experiences or less fortunate ones, they all played a part in solidifying his identity, something he is thankful for (rightfully so). He is not over-dramatic with his tone, yet keeps us engaged nonetheless, mentioning each instance with the required respective energy. A clean piece of work here by the pair.


Project21 - Out of the Dark

Kingston, Jamaica

Coming out of Jamaica, Project21 repped their roots and brought some Carribean, mixed with some old school vibes to their new track, 'Out of the Dark'.

The song fits into so many genres in my eyes. Even though I was not around in the 80s, I am very familiar with the music from back then due to a mother who was, and that is exactly what this track brought me to reminisce. I love the crossover energy accompanied by their cultural balance. Very curious to hear what's next from this prospect.


Elamar - Running

Dimona, Israel

If ever you needed to summarise the most important aspect of a song into the title, Israeli artist, Elamar has done it for you by labelling his new song, 'Running'.

'Running' symbolises running from love, running from situations and anything you may subconsciously be addressing with a half-minded approach, but why? The most beneficial way to live life is in the moment, as Elamar emphasises here.

The hook is a powerful one driven by a strong, confident vocal performance. For anyone who needs to hear the aforementioned message, or for anyone in need of that extra boost to their motivational routine, pay Elamar his dues and pree his new song below!


Atomic Baby - Opium

Wakefield, UK

Capping off our top 10 for this week is UK rapper, Atomic Baby and his brand new release, 'Opium'. There is a more unique approach taken to the mixing process of this track, placing heavy emphasis on the energy of the instrumental. This is followed by the rapper's rough style, going hand in hand to produce a hard-hitting tune.

The aggression brought with the song is its most crucial element and bodes well for what Atomic Baby looks to accomplish as an artist, he has clearly found his style and what works, and I'd like to see him carry that into future projects. Very nicely done overall.







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