TOP 10 INDIE ROCK - 13/05/2022



Excuse Me. - The Miser

Guelph, Canada

That heavy boom of a dubbed beat introduction is not for everyone, nor is the falsetto start but the harmonies at each of the line ends are interesting in this enjoyable track where Tame Impala meets The Temper Trap from the Canadian outfit. The band made the following statement “In the time we've spent together as a band, we have constantly been pushing ourselves in both our musicianship and storytelling.” The song changes quickly from the introduction which is nice and the lyrics are fascinating; "I've been something of a miser, you'll be better on your own and we'll go on with our lives" though whilst the intermittent breaks are refreshing there could have been space to introduce a riff. When the vocalist sings from the chest, the song breaks wide open the electric guitar addition is a real pleasure to listen to. Great distortion effects have been applied to this song to give it a distant and surreal feel - not bad at all.



Nick Cody and The Heartache - That Gal

Bradford, England

Bruno Mars’ Runaway is something of a close run to this hard to place in one genre track from Nick Cody. The feminine back up is a sweet touch that really adds something, a unique selling point? He doesn't say the word! For radio purposes there are no expletives in the single, but the track is littered with Bob Dylan references since it is about Scarlet Rivera who played the violin in Dylan’s 1975 band and on the Desire album, this song's chorus inspired by Kit Baily (wife of international guitarist Martin Simpson). Hearing the track, Scarlet Rivera commented, “I’m honored that you wrote this excellent song that memorializes my role on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour working closely with Bob Dylan, and love the lyrics!”



Sandro Stellar - Main Street

Sag Harbor, US

The chord sequence is well-known, the drums are heavy and the pop vibes do roll - it really is the kind of song you could play with the top down on a long drive, such is the country positive mood in this chorus-catchy single. "Have you ever been somewhere that sparked a beautiful warm feeling inside you that reminded you of who is really inside your heart? I was in town alone as the lights were lighting for the shift to evening and it made me nostalgic for a woman I had let go of out of fear perhaps. She moved on and so did I, but she still comes up for me sometimes." The song builds as it moves along like emotions tend to when on subject and the tambourines are a nice musical flourish.



Aza Brown - Afterthought

Chesterfield, England

Aza Brown is no stranger to TJPL NEWS. This song is about revenge, though you wouldn't recognise that immediately based on its easy listening melodic tune.

With a cool strumming intro, syncopated rhythms and multiple strings that break the borders between Spanish guitar and hippie, it's easy to see why this song would have mass appeal. A year on since his debut single “Pure Water” the singer/songwriter returns with this - his second single of 2022 building on live performances on Liverpool Live Radio, Talk Radio with Bob Mills, coverage in Fame Magazine and RGM before featuring on BBC Introducing East Midlands.



Cabin - Whatever You Have

London, United Kingdom

A melancholy track in spite of those major key notes is 'Whatever You Have', Cabin’s signal to Soul balladry and is laced with the distinctive psychedelic production style. Though the backing may seem a little repetitive, the chord endings are very funk reminiscent and effectively experimental. A highly emotive final vocal entry provides a real contrast to the initial performance and the consistent bass motif is highly complementary in bringing the waves, Speaking of which, those synodal sprinkles do usher in a synthwave vibe to this expansive take on classic Pop.



Martin Paul Cuthew - Just Believe The Truth

Weybridge, England

Aside from the cover art being totally unique, one would imagine it would be fun to play these drums live. Navigating the highs and lows of a long-term relationship by ignoring all the external "noise" in the world and focusing on the simple truth that love is worth fighting for is the song's message and though the breakdown's feeling of a beat slow is a little unsure the harmonised acapella adds flavour, the most intriguing question being, who is this song really about to you? A nice abrupted finish keeps you guessing. Also available at



Soapbox Sound - Luna

Hillsdale, US

A drumstick beat count is a pretty throwback to set off Luna, the next song to be featured in the performer's upcoming full length album due this summer. The song, about the light that leaves with someone after a failed relationship nurtures sympathy for his plight and the build up gets everyone behind on board when that sweet chorus comes around. "It was one of many progressions in my musical creativity that was put into the album, expressing different vibes and tempos within a short amount of time, all leading the climax of the strained and yearning chorus ending."