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Top 10 RNB - 15/04/2022



BEKIM! - Close Your Eyes

Peine, Germany

Bekim! is back with 'Close Your Eyes' and we absolutely felt this track from start to end. A beautiful simplistic piano chord structure meets a classic RnB shaker and smooth soulful vocals. The harmonies enhance that feeling. During his school days, Bekim! was already writing rap lyrics and loved to make bootlegs from cassettes. Immediately after he finished school, he set up a small recording studio and taught himself harmony and how to play the keyboard. That was in 1989. Even then he was producing his first tracks himself. He has worked on countless projects as a composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and engineer. Some more well known projects include 2-BPM, Couche-Tard, KMS, 2 Deep, El Toro and Real 7, to name a few. This track would fit in perfectly alongside Boys II Men on your playlists.



Amy Correa Bell - Anyways

San Fernando Valley, CA, United States

Credit - Skyler Wagoner

Amy Correa Bell is a Post Punk Alternative RnB icon who after being in multiple bands for the past 10 years, in 2018 decided to fly solo. Amy's latest single, titled 'Anyways' was originally produced by production duo Beat Ventriloquists but was offered to her in 2019 when it was first recorded. In 2021 the track was then rerecorded after Director Valentina Vee showed an interest in the star. Making the intentions of the track clear we were informed that "Anyways was created as a healing song that expresses not only the highlights but also the struggles of living in a committed relationship.". The song's analog-synth influences take us back to the soundtracks of the 80s. We love the vocal drops, and emotional, vulnerable lyricism. We're really looking forward to hearing more from Amy Correa Bell and don't forget to stream 'Anyways' using the link below and to watch the video which is at Number 1 on our Top 10 Videos this week. Great work girl! Go do your thing.



Brianna Jade - Steady

Bronx, United States

Brianna Jade is a Singer-Songwriter who released her second single "Steady" on February 4th, 2022. Influenced by the likes of Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Sade, SZA, Kehlani, Usher, and Michael Jackson to name a few, you can hear the 90s and 2000's RnB vibes in this production. Our CEO is a massive fan of this one! In 'Steady' Brianna Jade introduces her sensual side and explores love and intimacy. Make sure you go stream it and get it added to your playlists (especially if you're down to get down).




London, United Kingdom

Credit - @byvisualiza

JO-EL aka Joel Foreman is a Jamaican-born, UK-based Singer/Songwriter and Producer. Morphing the genres of R&B, Soul, Pop, and Hip-Hop, JO-EL creates a sound that would be criminal to overlook. Taking inspiration from the combination of old and new influences, his soulful voice, and encapsulation of harmonies JO-EL has got what it takes to be a real star in the music industry. Although he is only just at the start of his music journey within the industry, he has gained a large amount of support from fans who relate to his music, seeing him as a figure for self-improvement and hope. The song supports the awareness of mental health, whilst empowering those who struggle with their mental health. This release marks his fourth as a solo artist and we cannot wait to hear what's to come next! His latest release titled 'Neverland' opens with heavy 808s, and smooth synths, and his vocal style is similar to the likes of Khalid in the way that the vocals ride the wave of the beat in their full tone. This is a really gorgeous song and a voice that you won't forget easily. This track will put you in a meditative state and see you get lost amongst the stars, very much in 'Neverland'. I'm really excited to hear what comes next from JO-EL! We've heard there's a video on the way!



Coldway - Sandcastles

Memphis, United States

Credit - Precision Visualz

Coldway's latest track 'Sandcastles' is a song about the pain and sadness that often comes out of love. Illustrating this in through the metaphor of a sandcastle the artist stated that "The bond is the sandcastle; beautiful but will be washed away wide the tide. Love comes and goes like the tide." There's a very poetic element to the writing of 'Coldway' and we would suggest that you listen to his smooth vocals to really hear the message that he is trying to portray. Use the streaming link below to find out more!



David Mac - Feel The Same

Gold Coast, Australia

Credit - Mitch Lowe

David Mac is back with his brand new track (I think I'm onto a song here, anyway...) 'Feel The Same' is the title of this amazing new release. It will entrance you in its airy synths and catchy beats, complemented with smooth vocal kisses. David Mac emphasised that this track was "Written at an important time in my life, this song extends my gratitude to my other half, expressing my thoughts and feelings upon first meeting each other. Listeners will guarantee to relate with this one." AND WE 100% ARE HERE FOR IT. Go check out 'Feel The Same' using the streaming link below. Show some love.



AMARA CTK100 - Win / Sin

London, United Kingdom

Credits - Photographer: Ashley Rommelrath @asherlloyd VHS: Ashley Rommelrath @asherlloyd Stylist: Luca Wowczyna @lucawowczyna Hair: Kiara Scorzelli @kiarascorzelli MUA: JAYDE @jaydecoxon Clothes: @ 150mg_ , @, @paulacanovasdelvas

AMARA CTK100 is back with her latest release titled 'Win / Sin'. We've already put this track in our Top 10 Pop this week at number 7 but we couldn't leave her without a spot in our Top 10 RnB! With an extremely distinctive artistic style, from the London internet Underground Pop, singer-producer Amara ctk100 blurs the lines in a unique mix of Pop, R&B, internet culture and Indie. We were told that this track is "about staying in your own lane, doing your own thing and winning whilst you're doing it." Having listened to her productions we were really intrigued and in awe of this artist and this track in particular due to the clear switch between electro-pop and RnB within this production. Amara is a talent to be watched as we believe she's going to hit the spotlight massively soon.



Benny Bizzie - Forever

London, United Kingdom

Bennie Bizzie is back with his new track! Featuring a hard-hitting drum pattern and melodic nuances produced by heavyweight Cee Figz - who has also produced for the likes of Wretch 32, Fredo, and Popcaan - 'Forever' is an emotive adventure worth exploring, as it seems the British-Nigerian R&B singer and songwriter is at a transformative stage of his artistry and we are in for a taste of evolution. Benny Bizzie’s recent E-Motion EP has gained over 600k views on YouTube and over 200k streams on Spotify with support from Link up TV and Sentric Music and regional radio. A veteran to the music industry, Benny has collaborated with Grime heavyweight Ghetts and has been praised by the likes of GRM daily, Link Up TV, Charlie Sloth (BBC 1xtra) and Lionheart (BBC Radio London).




London, United Kingdom

BLVCK VIØLET are back following on from their first release 'cyanide'. In their latest track 'Lost Love' they "wanted to show people that we are diverse in the genres we create". In a statement, they said that the song is about two people that want to love each other but can't help themselves from being toxic, they want to make it work despite knowing they never will. BLVCK VIØLET - Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst formed to create BLVCK VIØLET, an RnB pop duo based in London, at the end of 2021. Definitely one for your RnB playlists!



Sophia Lili - Only One

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Sam Ellwood

'Only One' by Sophia Lili was written after a break up when she felt like things were moving in a more positive direction. In a statement she said that "I'm the only one who sees you" in the first line of the chorus is about how Sophia would feel like she was the only person who understood her ex, with her friends being against the idea of them getting back together. The song has a feature verse from exciting up-and-coming artist Feux who brings a heartfelt melodic verse to supplement Sophia's vocal performance. This is such an RnB/Soul vibe and the two artists compliment each other's talent greatly. Click the link below to show some love.


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