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Top 10 RnB - 22/04/2022

Updated: May 14, 2022



Broxton - What The World Needs

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Credit - Tim Broxton

Opening with an old-school RnB keys synth we're given a soulful and jazzy feel accompanied by a quiet but effective drum loop. As the vocals accompany the instrumentalisation we're provided with smooth vocals followed by a spoken word/rap. The overall vibe of this track is reminiscent of that of the late Mac Miller in the way of productions, singing and the rap/spoken word elements. We thought that the keys in this track were particularly catchy and when combined with the drum loops and different vocal elements gave us a real RnB groove. Check it out!



Sol Morgan - Sex Appeal ft. Ethos The Rapper

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sol Morgan is a British singer/songwriter based in the UK and has been singing professionally in live bands since 2012. His musical roots stem from being raised in church and although his style infuses soulful R&B vocals, Sol initially started out as a garage MC. Growing up listening to a wide range of genres (including reggae, motown, UK garage, R&B), has enabled Sol to become more versatile in the music he writes and performs. More recently, Sol appeared on the British television series: X-Factor in 2018 but his journey would come to an end at the Six Chair Challenge. Sol has written a variety of genres and styles to experiment and find his sound, currently finishing up his debut EP which he plans to release throughout 2022. His latest release titled 'Sex Appeal' features fellow artist 'Ethos The Rapper' whose main influence is hip hop. This skillful lyricist often explores tough subjects narrated over dynamically composed production coupled with elements of ambiance and surrealism that make even the darkest of topics easy to digest. Get this track onto your playlists, you don't want to miss it!



Astral22 x Topnachbeats - Never (Astral22 Remix)

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Graphic Design by dreameatsht on Fiverr

Astral 22 is back with a remix version of 'Never'. In a statement, Astral 22 emphasised that "While remixing Never, I wanted to retain the beauty of the original with its ‘Art of Noise’ cascading soothing melody and a kind of ‘Mantronix’ old school hip hop meets modern-day electronic vibe, yet come with something fresh which honors the original but stands on its own." Nourished by the polyrhythmic diversity of his native New York City, now residing in LA / Palm Springs, Astral22 reaches down to primal elements, where the roots of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Lo-fi chilled beats come alive, full of beauty, life, and rich with experience. On the other hand, Topnachbeats, a Southern California native, artist / producer / beatmaker known as Ignacio Ruiz Jr. had started writing and producing at age 15. Influenced by artists producers Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, in 2019 Topnachbeats

and Astral22 co-produced emerging Toronto artist Jesse Maxwell’s debut album “ These are a well-talented duo, so make sure that you check out their latest release below.



Serena Weir - GIVING ME

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Serena Sophia is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress from Glasgow in Scotland. She collaborates with DJ's and other artists, her most recent collaboration with Radio 1 Future Fire artist Richie Blacker. Her most precious achievement to date is having one of her songs featured on Tiesto's Dance anthems. Serena Weir is back with her latest release titled 'Giving Me' which reflects on her personal journey. Throughout the song, she is torn as she does not feel ready or like she will be good enough but knows this is what a real caring relationship could feel like. We've all been there. Serena's inability to decide is prevalent throughout, ending with 'You're giving me, everything I ever need its killing me.' This cliffhanger ending allows the listener to decide for themselves what Serena chose to do. This is a track that we all should have on our playlists so run it up!




New York City, United States

Ricky Rique is back with 'Love Gun' - his latest creation. In this track, Ricky Rique has been hit by Cupid's arrow or in this case, Cupid's "Love Gun". Portraying feeling love drunk, he admires his love interest and goes on to describe how infatuated he is with his partner. This is a real cute track, a tale of the relatable puppy love that we all long for (even if it's in secret) with a fresh r&b/pop style which is delivered with a catchy, soulful chorus. Make sure you check it out today by clicking on the Spotify link below. We really felt the emotion of this track and so we decided to put it in at Number 5 this week. This is a real lover's dream so do Cupid a favor and hit the heart too.



Lil Zib - ON MY OWN

McHenry, United States

Lil Zib has released 'ON MY OWN', a track with a narrative about the struggle that comes with break-ups. Addressing the specifics of when you want to go back to a person, but at the same time, you don’t want to love again. This feel of this track is embedded in its emotive wordplay in a beautifully sung chorus. “You’re constantly going back and forth inside your head, battling with your thoughts, I really want to be with this person, but at the same time they hurt me and I don’t think I can love the same again, throughout the whole song you can hear me changing my perspective, until finally at the end I decide no, I really want to be with this person, I think the struggle is worth it for her.” Lil Zib is a music artist who has over 500,000 streams and 10,000 monthly listeners so make sure that you join the hype and click the link below.




New York, United States


Diana Bidea is an artist on the rise. Having accumulated over 380 thousand followers on Tiktok through her ideals and songs of women empowerment, Diana decided to release a song emulating that same mission. Her latest track 'PRP', is a song about feeling confident when feeling attracted to someone, not just waiting on them to make the first move. This solo artist sings, writes all of her songs, arranges all her vocals, and co-produces her tracks. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Full of strong feminine energy she takes influence from legends such as Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, and Aaliyah. We love to see such firey women in the industry! PRP was recorded at FrontLyne Studio, produced by Devin O'Bannon out in LA. Distributed by Sparta, make sure you go check it out!




Calgary, Canada

Credit - Jenn Five

SOULS IN RHYTHM are back with their new track titled 'Kerri Kerri'. This is a song about a love that got away, AND a tribute to Minneapolis funk! That city was a second home to the artist for several years in the 90s when they even spent some time recording at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios which is really reflected in the track. Souls in RHYTHM are a Calgary funk/soul band, who have toured much of Canada and have won many accolades for their songwriting and live show. They’ve shared the bill with several notable artists including RnB giants Boyz II Men, and American hip-hop icon Common (to name a few). Go check this track out now!



Adaora - TOTE

Brentwood, United States

Adaora is back with her new release called 'TOTE'. 'TOTE' is a song about never forgetting your roots and letting your past versions of yourself guide your future. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Adaora is a natural-born creative and visionary artist. Growing up, she always showed an appreciation for the arts at a young age and grew up listening to Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Funk music, which truly shaped her musical identity. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Adaora is a natural-born creative and visionary artist.

Growing up, she always showed an appreciation for the arts at a young age and grew up listening to Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Funk

music, which truly shaped her musical identity. Taking inspiration from Sade and Amy Winehouse, Adaora hopes to create music that invokes a feeling, stirs emotions, and always brings those good vibrations!



Patrick Kearns - GOLDEN

Buckhurst Hill, United States

Credit - @alefilizzola

Taking you into the World of Golden & Making his return music debut in 2022, Patrick Kearns presents his second single release “Golden” Featuring RPemz, A Chill, and a Sexy R&B Pop Track mixed with Old School School R&B vibes. The song also features a stunning and artistic 4K music video releasing Late February, which tells the story of a relationship that is valuable to each other and to be able to find that rare connection with a partner, slowly turning the lead woman into her Golden Form, as the male lead truly sees her. Patrick’s Musical Journey has taken him to the Classical and Theatre scene which eventually started his artist development in the music industry, mentored by Vocal Coaches & Music Mentors.


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