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TOP 10 VIDEOS - 13/05/2022



Dizzy Panda - Back to Me

Haarlem, Netherlands

Coming in at Number 1 this week is Dizzy Panda with their video for 'Back to Me'. This track is taken from their upcoming LP Panda Bonus Points. The track is inspired by indie rock like Skunk Anansie and distortion as in the Black Keys, but is completely built up with electronic sounds and samples. Great track and awesome video!



Near Death Experience (NDX) - Underground

London, United Kingdom

Near Death Experience (NDX) take you on a grooving rock’n’soul adventure with their latest single ‘Underground’ to an uber cool place where ‘the beats get hot when the sun goes down’. At the same time, the band have conjured up a whole new music genre: subterranean swing!



Rubber - Fries & Wings

Philly, United States

Fries & Wings’ takes elements of 90s-2000s R&B and repackages them with a more modern approach. It employs a simple catchy chord progression played on a rich and warm electric piano, complemented by Andrew's complex driving lead vocal, all glued together by an energetic drum machine pattern and a fat bass line- a signature Rubber flare. The group is a Philly-based, writing-producing duo made up of singer-lyricist, Andrew Loper, and producer/multi-instrumentalist, John Della Franco formed during their time studying at Temple University in 2018.



Teen Mortgage - SMOKED

Washington, D.C., United States

The official "SMOKED" music video is a collab between Teen Mortgage and Superstone Skateboarding, a based skateboarding content brand and community. The song itself is a tribute to the primal catharsis that happens while skateboarding, whether it's landing your trick or falling on your face. This project serves as Superstone's the first slam compilation.



J.Juice - Lingo

South Carolina, United States

J.Juice's dance anthem entitled 'Lingo' is set to be a new TikTok sensation. This star is a mix between Pitbull and Drake with a spicy flavor from Daddy Yankee and we expect this one to go viral. Want to be one of the first to know about it? Click the link above, sit back and watch the show.



Viscula - Seagulls

London, United Kingdom

Last November in London, Viscula shot a music video for their single 'Seagulls'. The shooting took place in the atmospheric antique shop 'LOT ONE TEN' located in Walthamstow. Owners Frank and Kirsten kindly provided their store filled with the most amazing things from the past for the talented photographer and cameraman Paul Miller. The director of this video was the known Brighton musician Alex White (The Electric Soft Parade) who created a striking montage filled with psychedelic effects.



LIENNE - Me myself and I

Me myself and I is a beautiful and powerful song by german artist LIENNE. This track holds a very strong message through the production of both the song and its music video. This singer not only shares the trials and tribulations that young women are often faced with in today's world, but also the singular battles of managing your native culture in the western world.



MONTE - I Hate Me More

New York, United States

"I Hate Me More", the hard-hitting punk track narrates a broken heart by channeling high, raw energy! The song, written by singer and guitarist Caitlin Montclare, takes us on a journey of crude self-awareness while we are at our lowest points. Whether it is the result of a toxic relationship, obsessively comparing yourself to others, or feeling disiked, everyone has those moments of low self-esteem or self-consciousness. The song consists of aggressive vocals, ripping riffs and a heavy bass solo. The track was produced by Grammy nominated Barb Morrison and mixed by Jonathan Jetter.



PIECESZX - Treatment

Pieceszx is an independent artist based in Barcelona. He produces his own music and creates dark ambients, mixing edm, pop, techno with lyrics in english, spanish and catalan.

"Treatment" is the new music video from album "Reverbs" by Pieceszx. The video is shot in the darkness of the woods to explain a story about finding the fastest solution for a mental issue.




We were informed that this track was self-produced and distributed by the label French M&O. "Summer's end" photographs the emotional condition of Mimmo Ripa (composer of the musical project. A well thought out and directed video. Definitely worth including this week. Watch their creation above and be sure to check their other work out.


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