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TOP 5 VIDEOS - 20/05/2022





Dax is certainly no stranger to us over at TJPL NEWS. I'm endlessly grateful for the opportunity provided by Dax in my first week doing this. For those of you who haven't seen it, Dax made Number 1 in our first-ever Top Videos with "Dear Alcohol". Dax has released a remix version containing loads of the artists that resonated with his journey and put them into this massive remix! This had to be made Number 1 this week over at TJPL NEWS. There are so many beautiful talented artists spilling out their hearts in this version, this is a shout-out to all of them on this nearly 19 minute remix!



1st Base Runner

Near Me

Austin, TX, United States

"Near Me" captures 1st Base Runner's inner world at its most surreal, psychedelic, dream-like and dangerous. Rich with hallucinatory symbolism and harrowing archetypes, this visionary music video successfully merges the aesthetics of Bates Motel and Alice in Wonderland to chilling effect. A bravado performance from Tim Husmann makes this a must-watch new release. The video opens with glitchy effects showing the uneasiness of the character, things are sped up for the most minimal amount of time highlighting some of the most juxtaposed elements of 'Alice in Wonderland. The opening is uneasy but one of the most intriguing that I've seen to date. Full of special effects, this one is a must for people (like myself) who need something to analyse.



Tasha Blackmore - Brown Eyes

Wooler, United Kingdom

Opening the video with slow and simplistic cinematic fades was a great way to open the video. As the track begins we see her enter into a car and "hitting the road" before throwing stones on an empty waterfront. Later we see the artist dragging along a suitcase. All of these things highlight a journey, new begins, and old times left behind. Later seen wiping her prints off her car handle we sense that this person is wiping away her identity and is seen starting again waiting at a bus stop. I loved the concept behind the video and feel that it matches the beauty and vulnerability of the song completely. Great work!



Dorian - Reign Love

Baltimore, MD, United States

"Reign Love" is the newest single and music video from Dorian’s upcoming album release “The Arrival: Dream World Pt.2” which is dropping later this month! The video is a Kaleidoscope (literally) of imagery and uses minimal color to portray different elements of the mind. There is a tree that remains shadowed and alone in this piece - a classic symbol of growth. I can't wait to see what comes next from Dorian. In the meantime, whilst we await the release of his latest album, click on the video and have a watch/listen for yourselves!



Jeff Lake - Field Of Grass

New York, United States

Jeff Lake’s debut EP, “Field of Grass” was released in August of 2021 by WBA Records in Nashville and distributed worldwide by The Orchard/ Sony. During the last 8 months, the 5 song collection has amassed over 200k streams on Spotify and now TJPL NEWS has got wind of it we HAD to share the video for "Field of Grass". I love the opening scene. We see a zoom-out shot of Jeff Lake's guitar before keeping the overall focus on the artist and the guitar throughout. A beautiful track with beautiful scenery to accompany it. Check it out!



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