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Ultrasonic Zebras' 'Some Kind of Sympathy': A Brilliant Indie Rock Fusion

Ultrasonic Zebras have given us a glimpse into the world of the new. ‘Some Kind of Sympathy’ is a single that tackles rock from a distinctly colourful angle. Lines of yellow and blue explode from the percussion. A coal red fire erupts in the bowels of the bass. But it’s cool and collected. You aren’t lost in the vibrancy of the rock – you are enveloped by it in ways that you can’t imagine. Lay back and relax as the felt pelt of Ultrasonic Zebras wrap you in otherworldly tones and colours.

When the first idle sounds of guitar hit my ears I was immediately hooked. There is a presence in the single that I was not expecting. Here comes the folk side of the track, jovial and calm, you expect it to stay there but it doesn’t – it shifts. There is a boom in the chorus that makes it all the more catchy, there is a flow to the lyrics that drag you in deeper. There is a soul to the sound that hides in the shadows. ‘Some Kind of Sympathy’ is a single that befuddles. Is it rock? Is it folk? Does it hold elements of soul? All I know for sure is that it is a wonderful song that takes the indie rock sound in its stride. It’s unafraid of the big bad world of indie rock and it is because of that bravery that its sounds are so uniquely genuine. A fantastic track from the bottom to the top.



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