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V OF 40M


Pitt Co., NC, United States

XLM+ Presents: V of 40M - PWR ft Hippie G and 40M Tye, produced by Arab Mxfia.

Where do I start with this one?! There are so many elements to break down here from the production team to the ins and outs of the track itself.

The “architect of Revolutionary Rap” has released a track entitled ‘PWR’. Teaming up with viral beatmaker ‘Arab Mxfia’ was a massive move which has paid off. Not only have we been given a collaboration between these two stars on the rise but ‘Hippie G’ and ‘40M Tye’ have also joined the lineup.

Brace yourself for a spectacular few minutes! Vibes from the off! Arabian strings offer something cinematic and sexy whilst the deepness of the 808s reverberate within your earphones/speakers with perfection. Arab Mxfia is a brilliant beatmaker. The rap vocals from each artist merge to create a superpower. Sounds of demonic layers and autotune work to enhance the feel of the production.

This is one unstoppable team who have made a track that is destined to reach the masses. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Catchy AF – TAMARA JENNA

The perfect track for your workout playlists, your motivation booster playlists and something that will get the mosh pit booming. YES!


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