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Chino, United States

Credit - Leapvisualstudio

OOOOH! It’s so smooth! It's good to hear those popping beats, the spiky bass, and buttery harmonies that splay from Veetchy’s latest stalwart single, ‘Ocean.’ R&B meets soul with a hand in big band and a hand in folk. The jazz influence is in the texture, the bass that bites, the synth that climbs to a stop. But the draw, what’s really pulling you in, are those vocals. They lead the melody, weaving sibilance and plosive corners through a crowd of sound. The layers grow ever higher, and with each addition, the sound is smoother, more complete. But you never lose the frontman, at the head of the train, pushing the song ever further toward greatness.

‘Ocean’ from Veetchy is one of those songs that hits you right, instantly. The feel of the beat, the clav in the back. It all forms a foundation for the bass, vocals, and rhythms to play upon. A feel-good track has never been so smooth. Smooth feels good, smooth on the soul. MMN, that's smooth!



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