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Videos - 17/06/2022



GLU - WITCHE$ (feat. 454)

Melbourne, Australia

I mean where do I start with this one?! The video for #WITCHE$ is one of a kind. #GLU has really come in strong to take the top spot this week. The video contains so much intricacy and creativity that I don't even know how I can pinpoint the best bits! The opening scene captures the audience straight away in its dark and eerie theme - you see demons lurking in the hallway in a visual that you really do need to see for yourselves! As the video continues all sorts of glitchy demonic presence as well as human visuals that look like glitchy scenes from the film Paranormal Activity. This is just a burst of creativity disguised as nightmares - I LOVE IT!




Richmond, United States

#Overdriven comes in strong with #River both through the track itself and the video production. The video opens in a bar and looks very natural along with a live band playing. The transitions between scenes work really well between the audience and the band members - in one take you will see a group of people drinking at the bar and then a spin transition takes you into the intricacies of guitar solos - in FULL DETAIL. The ending told a story even if it was very quick! It shows a woman leaving a venue and getting into a car whilst a male slowly follows her. She then goes on to open the window and give him the middle finger as she cruises off in the passenger seat. I'm down for this type of feminine energy so I'll give this a 10/10!



Ruiz! - Falling

Sheffield, United Kingdom

The video for #Falling by Sheffield-based artist #Ruiz! intrigued me from the first few seconds. The opening scene gives us a merging of music cover art with a transparency of a flower blossoming in the background. I have never seen this done before whether at the start or anywhere throughout any music video before and so I really loved it. The flower visual continued through several of the opening scenes of this track whether it was over a backdrop of other flowers or a field of grass before fading out. We then see a glitchy home video-style recording along with that classic flower coming in and out of the scenes. I loved seeing this here - it was different.



FILLY - Nyny

New York, United States

#FILLY sent us the video for their latest track #Nyny this week. The video absolutely matches the vibe of the track, offering hypnotic kaleidoscope visuals. One thing that I loved about this video is that the vibe is very much fact vs fiction through elements used in the visuals. There's a mixture of animation as well as the reality of a human head. I loved the way that this worked visually as it is interesting even if it isn't an action-packed production. I got a real Alice In Wonderland feels from this. Great work and a great track.



Jay Willow - Energy

Vancouver, Canada

#JayWillow presented us with his latest video for his track #Energy. Opening with just that, we see an animation of an eclipse with a wave underneath. This is a perfect representation of energy as the moon affects so much on this planet. Although this is a very basic and repeated cycle, it represents the concept of energy perfectly. The lyrics are all about frequency, rhythms, and waves we hear so many references to energy in this lofi track. Definitely a song to listen to and I would recommend listening to it with the visual for the full experience.



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