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Updated: Oct 1, 2022


HANNYTA - Fluctuating

London, United Kingdom

Pop artist Hannyta gives us the ultimate uplifting experience with the video ‘Fluctuating’. Her clever lyrics and fun delivery are what make this a successful pop release. Hannyta’s powerful vocals are the centrepiece of this track, pleasantly accompanied by various catchy beats, from drum, electric guitar and elements of synth-pop. The video further elevates this fun and quirky atmosphere, taking us through various settings from a desert to outer space! This clever use of videography really elevates this feeling of ‘fluctuating’ through phases of life and puts the audience through a captivating experience.




KANSAS CITY, United States

Simco explores styles of indie/pop with her new release ‘Rushin’. The enjoyable backing track using elements of pop synth, various digital sounds and captivating guitar work really adds to the upbeat fun nature of the song. Simco’s warm and distinctive indie vocals, along with using relatable lyrics concerning heartbreak are what make this such an unforgettable listen. The video is very vibrant and dazzling, through its use of neon colours, kaleidoscope effects and frantic interactions, it sculpts an eye-catching piece of videography and perfectly captures the message of the ‘rushin around’.



ANIMATE - Unbound

Lecce, Italy

Animate’s newest release ‘Unbound’ strips us back to our roots through a highly moving showcase. Unbound provides beautiful scenery through its setting in outer space, showcasing those mysterious wonders of the universe. The minimalistic and dreamy videography, having a simple red rose as the centrepiece of the video really brings out the beauty of the natural elements of our world. However, what really magnifies these raw and naturalistic themes is the mellow and charming vocals, which when partnered with delicate guitar chords really give the audience a spellbinding experience.



DAWIT - Wonderful

New York, United States

Dawit’s ‘Wonderful’ gives us such harmonically pleasing vocal abilities, it almost stops you in your tracks! A warm and retro acoustic, perfect to let loose to and appreciate the virtuosic talent of all band members. I thoroughly enjoyed the guitar solos with their nifty picking and riffs which really helped to emphasise that uplifting melody line. The addition of adjacent percussion instruments from maracas and bongos, along with the vibrant videography of bright artwork and tropical leaves, really makes this a must-listen for any reggae lovers out there!




Berlin, Germany

Lolita Terrorist Sounds release an experimentation of ritualistic calls to the universe through the combination of alternative/post-punk music. We see a darker and more ominous tone surrounding spiritual awakenings, with notes of subtle ritualistic-like chanting at the beginning which sets the tone nicely. ‘Energy of Jupiter, energy of the Earth’, ‘Curse’ is an original creation of artistic manifestation. I thoroughly enjoyed the transition from the dissonance of the music to the sudden drumbeats, as though it was breaking the spell and slipping into the drumfire. The imagery of the music video using dark natural landscapes and blurred effects is quite cohesive with its earthly and spiritual connotations and is highly effective in its delivery.



SHAB - Serenity

Dallas, United States

Shab’s newest release ‘Serenity’ is a truly breathtaking production, incorporating themes of tranquillity, yet also has the ability to make you want to get up and dance through its incorporation of funky beats. The delicate and soothing vocals along with the natural terrain are what really intensify the message of the song. The videography is highly impressive in incorporating a diverse colour pallet, from warm auburn scenes to cooler landscapes, with the addition of bright and funky outfit choices. If you’re a lover of pop music, ‘Serenity’ is a track you’ll put straight into your playlist!



TITANIC - Dirty Work

Titanic’s new release ‘Dirty Work’ delivers a powerful message of how feelings of lust can be so captivating and hypnotise us into subjection. The videography is embedded with various powerful components, from red filters, dark mysterious settings and cinematic camera work it really pushes the malicious message behind the video. There are also clever musical choices, the slight touches of saxophone gave some parts an almost jazz-like twinge, shifting the tone momentarily from its sinister story, however, this musical contradiction was effective in creating a more sadistic experience for the viewer.



RENDER - Revolution Inside

Los Angeles, United States

‘Revolution Inside’ is a must-listen for any rock lovers out there! The song's message showcases feelings of repressed desire and taking control back in your life. The videography really does justice to this meaning by incorporating bright flashing lights and clever choice of snappy camera work which really intensifies the song's frantic nature. I also enjoyed the vintage feel of the video, returning to moments in time creating the illusion of exploring the memories of the band. The aggressive tone to the vocals really helped to emphasise the urgent feel and worked, in turn, to make it a classical rock hit!



gldn - Suicide Machine

Brooklyn, United States

GLDN portrays a truly powerful cinematic experience with ‘Suicide Machine’ and emits such a dark and sinister message about putting up a façade and encourages viewers to think about this morphed perception of reality we live in. The videography, carefully alternating between fantasy and reality, layered with eery robotic vocals and sadistic acting, effectively captures this essence of breaking down fake exteriors. The musical touches were very effective, using aggressive guitar work as a nice accompaniment to the videos' unpredictable and unsettling nature. ‘Suicide Machine’ is not a song you’ll forget!



ALL POETS & HEROES - Tinderbox

Syracuse, United States

The new release ‘Tinderbox’ from All poets & Heroes showcases an important message concerning not knowing how to cope with the issues in our lives and how this can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. The videography really magnifies this isolating theme, using big and dreary landscapes and powerful contrasts with loneliness through backgrounds of the high atmosphere. The acoustic style of the track, accompanied by vocals which have quite soft and melancholic undertones, really emphasises the song's message of self-pity and loneliness. All these great artistic choices really elevate the powerful message of ‘Tinderbox’.




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NUMBER 9 - RENDER - Revolution Inside

NUMBER 10 - ANIMATE - Unbound



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