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#VroniMagenta whisks up a storm in latest EP



*Vroni Magenta*

Munich, Germany





The latest EP from German-based artist #VroniMagenta contains 5 uniquely crafted tracks. Opening with a collaboration between #VroniMagenta and #KellyBrouze, #Realign opens with a heavy and gothic feel. The heaviness of the bass creates something cinematic and dramatic. When combined with the choppiness of the synths we get a glimpse into the artistry of both artists. The vocals give experimental and thought-provoking lyrics that tell the story of a singular spirit, encouraging the listener to visualise their infinite possibilities when daring to ponder conformity. #FlyAway is another collaborative effort between these two powerful artists. This piece continues the dark experimental feel in an industrial, trip-hop, and electronica-influenced piece. The wind sound effects work well to help the listener become a part of the piece. A steady kick holds the rhythm of the track in a piece that holds a dark and distant melody. The piece is, atmospheric, haunting, and brings a sense of freedom in lyrical content. Track 3 entitled #ObsidianStorm has more melodic content in comparison with the previous 2 tracks on this EP. Electronica is at the forefront here in a trance-based production that is packed with choppy bell synths and an eerie elongated backing. I love the way that this track develops! The synths and bass tones lift the bleak and the happy in a way that completely fills all of the space of the track without sounding messy or offbeat! The break from lyrical content and vocals altogether work well to create an interlude between the two halves of the project. This is definitely my favorite one thus far here. #MissingStar reintroduces vocals to the production after a one-track break in this third collaboration with #KellyBrouze. I wasn't 100% about this track at the start but as the vocal harmonies developed and the twinkles of the synths came into the track I went from being unsure to loving it! The build-up was a necessary move that enabled the development of the track to shine! There are so many contrasting stems within this piece! I definitely recommend having a listen for yourself! Concluding the project is a track named #Byzantium. When I say that this track is the perfect EP closer, I mean it, and this is undeniably own of those. This is a piece that offers cinematics without being overbearing or even containing words. The drum progressions capturvate the ears of the listener with what resembles a heartbeat whilst the whispy sounds of whistling wind resemble a storm. The synths pull the whole production together acting as layers to a skeleton. This whole project is intriguing, cinematic, loud, and quiet just like a storm! An #ObsidianStorm. Make sure that you have a listen to this project by clicking the tracks below!



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