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Weekly Top 10 Dance - 08/04/2022


OSBORNE - Feel The Same (Justin Novak Remix)

Credit - Nat Banks

Richard Osborne's music has previously been endorsed by the likes of Sky Sports and the BBC, and also has received support from industry taste-makers such as Martin Garrix, Filtr, and Digster respectively. In his latest release 'Feel The Same' we hear a house-inspired anthem. Although we've given it the Number 4 spot this is one of our CEO's personal favorite submissions this week. This tune wouldn't be out of place on radio stations such as Capital. A faultless production from start to end. Keep making great music! Click the link below to stream 'Feel The Same' and stick it on repeat!




Switzerland, Niederbuchsiten

Credit - Flashback One

'Flashback One' is a longtime Producer who recently decided to switch his production to Future Pop / Future Bass / Pop. Taking influence from the likes of The Chainsmokers, Marshmello & Illenium he has released his latest production 'Run Away'. With over 100 playlists add, 80k Spotify plays and 30k plays on Tik Tok with his previous single"Broken" we can see that Flashback One is headed towards big things in the music world. 'Run Away' features the bright production with catchy and inviting female vocals. Its a song about a failed relationship and the desire to just run away and start again. Check out 'Flashback One' by clicking the link below. Great production.



TIGS - Bad Like We

Melbourne, Australia

Tigs is a UK born, now Melbourne based, DJ and producer who is experimental in UK underground music. mixing Garage, Bass, Grime and Dance he has had previous support from radio stations such as: BBC 1Xtra, Apple Music and Kiss FM Tigs is clearly making moves in the dance scene. His sound is very unique through combining UK bass music with the fierce grime drum rhythms to create highly energetic tracks. We love the versatility and genre blurring creations that Tigs brings. Read more about Tigs by clicking the link below and don't forget to vibe with him on our Top 10 Weekly Dance Playlist!



Anna Starlight- HEY YOU

London UK/Italy

Credit - Anna Starlight

Anna Starlight is a singer, composer, songwriter and pianist who sent over her latest release titled 'Hey You'. Anna commented that she "started to write and compose the song in London with the digital piano of my ex-flatmate and friend in our small flat. Then, when I came back to Italy, I asked a producer friend Luca Ternullo to help me with the production"

This track is a banger! Catchy lyrics, catchy melody, catchy production. Elements of resemblance to 'Lady Gaga' are found in this track and some real slick guitar solos. Check out Anna Starlight by using the link below!



Herb Barclay - Find A Better Day

Germany, Munich

Herb Barclay is a producer from Munich who has impressed us with his latest release titled 'Find A Better Day'.The artist mixes Pop and EDM with a vocal performance very reminiscent of James Blunt to create an emotive track. The production can also be likened to the work of the great, late 'Avicci'. In addition to many published ghost productions, 'Herb Barclay' began his public musical career as Dj Lazzard. In 2018 he then made the decision to explore his production further and founded the label Herb Barclay Music. We were told that ”Find A Better Day” is in the official European Independent Music Charts. Check out his work below!



Pirandello - Right in Front of Me


Pirandello is a new project that combines different realities. The music production is Italian, the singer American, and the graphic design comes from Turkey and South Korea. We were really interested to hear their music and it didn't let us down! Packed with upbeat dance enhancing melodies this track awed us into offering the Number 6 spot this week. Stream their creation by clicking the link below. Awesome work, great vibes, be sure to add it to your Friday night playlists. We've got this one on repeat.



JaiJai Prince - Could You Love Me (Cover)

United Kingdom, London

Credit - Rosalind Alcazar

JaiJai Prince is back with his new release "Could You Love Me", a cover of 2016 hit by EDM collective Black Saint. Collaborating once again with his creative partner Tokøta, JaiJai takes the atmospheric verses and energetic beat drops of the original and adds a little extra to this mix. Definitely, one to watch, so we chose to put this one in at Number 7. Stream using the button below and show them some love. Great production, great vocals and an overall dance hit. We can't wait to hear what the rest of 2022 has planned for JaiJi Prince.



KEVIN MOFFAT - Can't Control Myself

Scottsdale, United States

Kevin Moffat from Scottsdale, United States has released an absolute banger of a track named 'Can't Control Myself' and neither can we after hearing it! Kevin Commented"My style is a unique blend of hybrid future bass that culminates the best of melody and hype. The dynamic between high energy and a message people can relate to has always been at the forefront of my music. This track is backed by popular vocalist, Bailey Jehl, who has a commanding presence and following in the industry." Definitely one for your Friday/Saturday or any day of the week playlists. Go stream it using the button below.



KASS ROSE GOLD - Shooting Star - Andre Elias Remix

San Diego, United States

'Shooting Star' is a remake by Kass Rose Gold - native multi-media artist. She specializes in vulnerable lyrics, delivered with powerful, airy vocals. This track is full of 80s inspired elements in the form of heavy pop and funk inspired basslines. We found it reminiscent of Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia Album - Futuristic, funky and an overall vibe. Definitely worth including this week. Click the button below to stream now! Great project.



PLANET FISH - Passport

Puglia, Bari, Italy

Planet Fish are new EDM duo who produce dance music. The band consists of Antonio Grilli (producer, composer, bass player) Lisa Florio (texts author, singer, drummer) who met at a jam session in a local pub. 'Passport' is their second track which is heavily influenced by 80s and 90s sounds. The track begins with a playful 80s inspired synth and a dominant kick drum. There are many playful elements in this song both vocally and in the production elements. Definitely a spacey track with a hint of funk. Check it out using the link below.



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