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Weekly Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap - 08/04/2022


DAX - Dear Alcohol

Wichita, United States

Dax's latest release 'Dear Alcohol' contains vocal chops, synth and guitar loops that take you on a swirl of depth. Credit for the beat goes to Lexmor beats. This is a real mellow track compared to some of Dax's other stuff showcasing that he can also sing and sit with his demons. Full of emotion, reflection, and rawness. Dax told us that "Dear Alcohol is a song I wrote about the struggle with alcohol that I think can also relate to many other addictions or vices people may deal with." and that his main influence is poetry. "Dear Alcohol is a therapeutic anthem that can be related to many addictions and vices people deal with in everyday life." Dax stopped drinking after he made the track showing the world that he is yet again more than ready to take on the demons which haunt him. We've written more about this release in our Weekly Top 10 and Weekly Top 10 Videos. Our Ceo #TamaraJenna is so moved by Dax's work and was absolutely honoured to write content for him. Please check #Dax out if you haven't already.



K.KAYNE - Loco

Reading, United Kingdom

Credit - Harrison Screen

K.Kayne has come through with his latest track 'Loco' and we thought that it was a real vibe. Both singing and rapping on this track he is clearly a versatile artist with a great career ahead of him! Inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld and Dave I can hear both influences in his sound however, he also has his own distinctive elements to his artistry. The track opens with a distorted guitar feedback sound accompanied by bell synths and a smooth RnB guitar loop which is later accompanied by a soft trap beat loop. We hear him sing before he bursts into a skilful rap flow. Originally inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld and Dave, K.Kayne used this inspiration to focus on his own unique flow; voicing his take on the world through his beats and lyrics. Definitely, one to watch! Great work K.Kayne.



OUTSIDER YP - Lonely Revenge

Cork, Ireland

'Lonely Revenge' is a song is about people that internally fall apart when faced with heartache but who also continue to smile and push forward in their lives. The track came from the aftermath of emotions that emerged from his experiences with love. Opening with a warm but sad acoustic guitar loop alongside strings we're hit with the rawness of the emotion of the track which is enhanced by its lyrical content. This is followed by the introduction of a staccato 808 which slows down and does a dance with a heavy 808 which drops out of the mix and is brought back in several times throughout the track. The rap flow is very emo rap and the autotune sounds good. There's something very special about people who turn their pain into art and I think this is a track that deserves credit for that.



Trav B Ryan - Through The Darkness

United States, Brooklyn, New York

'Trav B Ryan' has released his latest track 'Through The Darkness' so we had a listen. We felt the emotion of this track from start to finish. Opening with vocal chops accompanied by a choppy piano progression we hear vocals with a similar flow to Flo Rider in the verses followed Jason Derulo style hook. Elements of string instruments come in to bring the feel of the track to a whole new level.

This song is about shining your light through the darkness and there is a real element of fight in the lyrics. Trav B Ryan wrote this song after the passing of his father two years ago who he lost due to Covid 19. He wants to use his platform for change and to be a symbol of hope for people.



Lijdied - Centrefold

San Antonio, United States

San Antonio Artist lijdied is back with his new release 'Centrefold'. Heavily influenced by hyper pop and pop-punk the track opens with a catchy guitar loop with punk-style packing guitars. The thumping bass and electric drums are a necessary accompaniment to the energy of the rap verses. We found the vibe similar to that of MGK and 24K Goldn. We really loved this track! The vocals detail what it's like to fall for someone whilst trying to come to terms with his past issues in a mix of sang vocals and rap lyrical execution. This is a real upbeat track with detailed lyrics, definitely one for your Hip-Hop and Rap playlist!



Jovanny Helas - Make It Out

Ottawa, Canada

Jovanny Helas is an upcoming artist originally from Orlando, Florida now residing in Ottawa, Canada. 'Make It Out' was released under Viva Records and mixed and mastered by Tarek Shent. The track is about 'Making It Out' of and the struggles and hardship Jovanny Helas has experienced. Opening with piano and smooth a smooth electric guitar riff we hear the potential vibe of the track as a slow RNB/Rap influenced theme. Joined by a heavy bass riff and trap beats before the introduction of the vocals we hear the development of those influences. The rap style is quite soulful and meaningful. Stream the track below.



GREGOR MCMURRAY - Vivid (Ft. Jingle)

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Gregor McMurray

Gregor McMurray is a 23-year-old Scottish born producer who now resides in Sydney, Australia. His breakthrough single ‘Glyph ’ caught the attention of T-Pain who said

“That was not a beat, that was a mother***ing experience, God damn! The f*** is wrong with this man?!” T-Pain (Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Superstar).

Opening with vocals and a unique beat we were unsure what to expect in the early seconds of the track but when the synths and 808s came in we were surprised as to how unique the beat behind the vocals was. I've never come across anything as unique as this production before I heard this track. It definitely deserves a listen especially if you're looking to find something experimental and fearless in its production. The vocals are from Newcastle NSW artist 'Jingle' and together through the vocals and the production they have created something distinctively their own. I'd definitely associate anything similar that I hear in the future with them. They've broken the boundaries and really created something special here.



DAK HOLIDAY - Hollywood (How Are You?) Ft. Que Violette

United States, Chicago

'HOLLYWOOD HOW ARE YOU?' Is the first release by Artist/Songwriter/Producer Dak Holiday. This track covers the topic of fantasies surrounding fame as a rockstar but addresses all the worst parts of drug addiction, alcoholism and dying young.

Opening with a solo electric guitar and distant vocals before suddenly being hit by the twist of dark 808s and synths, this track makes noise quite early on but in a good way! Shortly after it strips back down allowing for the vocals - we thought this was a good move. There are many chops and turns present in the track which we really enjoyed. The overall tone of the production is reminiscent of the likes of MGK and Juice Wrld but with elements of classic and pure hard rock and roll! Awesome work from Dak Holiday and Que Violette.




Philadelphia, United States

Credit - Tony Loud Woodz

Up and coming Philadelphia artist 'Tony Loud Woodz' has released his latest song titled 'That Bad!' It is a track with an emo rap flow in vocals and the production of the beat. Partaking all his creative endeavors himself we believed that he deserved a place in our Top 10 Hip-Hop and Rap this week. He commented "I do all my own writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. I Also shoot and edit my own music videos. I also host my own music video channel streaming local philly artist 24/7. I'm looking to promote my city in any way I can."



V-Train - Sunday Service

V Train opens this track using the sample of "Friends Let Me Tell You About Jesus" by the Dixie-Aires. This immediately sets the tone for this track of religious tone representing the old-time gospel sound that are present in Black Churches. This track has such a saucy hip-hop vibe, I would suggest adding it to your playlist for a chilled-out soulful and gospel-inspired energy. This is a track that has a simple religious message, warped in a lo-fi sensory production. Stream 'Sunday Service' by clicking the link below and get it added to your playlists!


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