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Weekly Top 10 Indie Rock - 08/04/2022



S J Denney - All I've Ever


Benfleet, United Kingdom

S J Denney from Benfleet UK has released his latest single titled 'All I've Ever Known. He told us that he'd thought of himself as a loner before he met his wife and that this particular song is about accepting the fact that you can’t tackle everything by yourself. This track has really uplifting harmonica solos which are influenced by Neil Young and Talk Talk to which we find a highly emotive element in this particular piece of work. The guitar and drums have a hint of Middle Eastern and Country mix to them which is really unusual but genius! S J Denney's vocals sound similar to those of R.E.M Frontman John Stipe and are accompa

Photo Credit - Nick Beckley

nied by female backing vocals at several points throughout the piece. The track was written, arranged, recorded, and produced by S J Denney himself. It was then mixed by Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm and mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters. This is the perfect track for your indie rock playlists. Click the link below to stream 'All I've Ever Known'.




Newcastle, United Kingdom

Credit - Adam Lang

Tired of Fighting, an alt rock/emo band from Newcastle have released their third single 'Chocolate'. 'Chocolate' is a song with the narrative of taking antidepressants in the summertime depicting the bleak times that you may feel inside when it's sunny outside but you just can't reach that happiness. The title of the track holds the basis of the storyline. The meds the doctor provided aren't working, they are just making you feel tired and giving you a constant dry mouth (hence the difficulty eating the chocolate). What's thought-provoking about this track is the instrumentalisation being quite high in energy and pop-inspired which is a complete juxtaposition to the sadness that lives behind the lyrics. This track reminded us of the band 'Taking Back Sunday'.




Boston, United States

Credit - Daniel Levesque, Yaz

'Vitrail' is the first single of Photoshoot's debut ep. 'Photoshoot' describe themselves as having roots in late 80s/early 90s native rock scene and 5th wave emo. The band consists of Liam Keman - Vocals/Guitar, Donovan Jermyn - Bass, Pat Levesque - Drum and Leo Espinoza - Guitar. This track is riddled with skillful guitar tricks from Liam, Donovan and Leo - They have clearly shown their knowledge of each other's crafts through their ability to create such intertwined melodies. There's a Really cool bass riff mid-track which is played completely solo - We really liked the use of that as it allowed a second of appreciation for Donovan's skills to be brought to the front of the track. Pat's skillful drumming provided the necessary beat needed to bring this track to its completion. Well done guys!



Alexander Joseph - Firefly (Alternate Version)

United Kingdom

Alexander Joseph released Firefly on 1st April 2022. Originally the track was recorded as an atmospheric and uplifting dance track with DJ/Producer Rokuro but he decided to create something new with this alternative version, providing more attention to the relationship between the artist and his guitar. This track is about

finding our light during the darker moments in life. There's a real sense of addressing the darkness through the lyrics of this song. We all have our dark days, right? A great track with a hint of alt-pop. To hear 'Firefly' click the link below! Show Alexander some love.



Aza Brown - For Real?

United Kingdom, Chesterfield

Credits - Aza Brown and Polly Clements

Aza Brown is back with his first release of the year 'For Real?'. This is an uptempo production containing an anti-establishment rant within its words surrounding the futility of modern living ("Hamster on a wheel"/"cog in the machine") and escaping the rat race. We were hooked at the opening lyrics "what if I told you that there's method to my madness". There's a slight hint of jaz behind the production similar to the artistry of 'Mika'. To hear the track, click the link below and look out for his upcoming music video!



N4November - Constant Reminder

Sydney, Australia

In at Number 6 this week is N4November with their project named 'Constant Reminder'. This song is about a very messy mind. The track was recorded in "Breakaway's" band member's, Rich Mammoliti's, home studio. We're given a guitar and synth opening joined by choppy uneasy high-pitched staccato keys. Accompanied by the emotive elements often found in emo related music, the track then takes a turn into heavy rock. An interesting production full of self revelation. Stream the track using the link below. Enjoy.



Disco Lizards - Slow

Hackney, United Kingdom

Credit - Bella Keery

Disco Lizards is a collaborative music project created by Matt Stolworthy who are from Hackney. They let us know that this is the first single from a series of singles from their current EP. 'SLOW' is a story set in a hospital about two people who are from opposite worlds toying with love, lust and death. The track was produced and mixed by Ian Werkhouse Flynn . The band are currently booking in UK & European tour dates for the end of year so we should definitely keep an eye out for tickets.




Dallas, United States

The XO from Dallas, United States consists of three band members. Jake Red is the singer and main songwriter. Andre Casares plays bass and Tanner Vaughn Stephen plays the guitar, with both additionally adding to the creative process. Finding their influence from the likes of the Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots, and Bring Me The Horizon, we can hear those influences in 'You're The Worst' through the vocal and guitar style. Take the Number 8 spot this week. Check them out.



Chief Springs - Long Game (Agave)

Leicester, United Kingdom

Credit - @sean121gig

Chief Sprints from Leicester - originally a duo, have extended to a six-piece band. Their new music is produced by Jamie Ward (Maybeshewill, Dark Dark Horse) and features backing vocals from Courtney Askey. When asked about the track, they let us know that it "is a charging song, rich with melody and bombast, inspired by the frustration of assumed social milestones and the awkward conversations around them." Click the link to hear them for yourselves.



ALEX ROHAN - When I Left You

Credit - Joe Federico

Alex Rohan " is a Singer Songwriter who moved us with his vocals and atmospheric soft rock. His track 'When I Left You' is featured on Alex's debut EP titled "Lancaster" which was tracked and mixed at Spirit House Recording. This track is a very stripped down, in your feels type of song. A wind of backing vocals sweeps your eardrums in this beautiful creation. Baring this in mind, we decided to give Alex a place in our Weekly Top 10 Indie-Rock this week. Click the link below to bless your eardrums.



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