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Updated: Oct 22, 2022


MIKE CONER - Nadie Como Tu

Cucuta, Colombia

MIKE CONER is an artist that stands out this week. The author and performer is a young Colombian-Venezuelan singer who has already made it into our Top 10 Videos this week. MIKE CONER is certainly an artist with huge potential, his dancehall, trap, reggaeton Latin urban offers a narrative for daily human experience, the torments of love as well as the dreams of an entire generation.

Mike Coner is an artist that is going to take over the world, and I'm proud to be amongst one of those who found him first!


NATALIE GOOD - Lovebomb Letters

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

"Lovebomb Letters" by Hertfordshire-based artist, NATALIE GOOD is a classic breakup song. Discussing the reality of a changing world is a challenging one, nevertheless, one that NATALIE GOOD has managed to turn into art during her healing process. This song is a whole mood, the artist is one bad bitch as proven by her talent! This is an artist who is bound to absolutely capture one's heart. Her vocals are a mix of classic R&B and pop that rest on a basic production, proving that her voice is the main element here! "Lovebomb Letters" was a close contender for NUMBER 1 this week!


JACE KARA - Confide

Sydney, Australia

Credit - James An

Check out this banger from Australian artist JACE KARA. “Confide” is the title of a song that the artist states "was born from a place of feeling estranged from someone you once felt deeply connected to."

If you're a fan of heavy 808s, soulful vocal samples, psychedelic synths, and punchy drums with a rap flow to wash you away, then look no further. Through this track, JACE KARA envisions the intention that the audience is to see a contrast between the personal lyrics on an emotional level, masked in the context of a danceable, high-energy, dark instrumental track.


JOIE GREY - Silver Surfer

Atlanta, United States

Credit - Madison Green

Following the viral success of his last single, "UNTITLED", JOIE GREY is back with a new single release entitled "SILVER SURFER". This dreamy and bouncy alternative track combines a multitude of genres - from R&B vocals, the heavy 808s of alternative rap and future bass - this whole song almost feels like one of two halves and even two different artists that transition flawlessly from one to another. I'm sold, JOIE GREY is an artist who is onto massive things! Click the link below and see for yourselves, and if you think that JOIE GREY deserves his place at NUMBER 4 this week, make sure that you vote in our chart!



Brisbane, Australia

JORDAN B. MARTIN is most certainly an artist to look out for. Having only started his music career this year Jordan B. Martin has already gained a sizeable following.

His latest single - "Fight" takes off as a rocket with its high-energy, melodic rap. The lyrics talk of the fight back against negative thoughts that take over the minds of many to entice listeners to "Fight the evil in your head!" Talks of SSRIs (medication for neurosis) the darkness of the demons that feed off of your insecurities are layered against a backdrop of edgy keys and 808s and trap drum loops. This is a song, that has a lot of potential to make a difference to people like myself who too find themselves in a similar minefield.



Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Love is in the air, literally in RACHEL DAVIE LEE's single. "Love Is In The Air" is rooted in smooth R&B that is full of melodic key loops and the occasional kick to add a little heartbeat to a soulful production. The lyrics are full of depth, and of course, LOVE. A subtle autotune on the vocals adds a trance-like hypnosis effect like a cherry on the cake. A sweet production!

If you LOVE this track then let us know by voting in our chart at the bottom of this page and check out the full EP over on streaming platforms!


SUSY K - Keep On Going

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Credit - Anna Carlyle

SUSY K has made it into our charts yet again! This time with her fresh release "Keep On Going". The production is the third single from Susy K's upcoming EP project 'Hear It From Her' which is due for release in early 2023.

"Keep On Going" sings of the artists' personal journey, addressing losing her mother, and learning to heal from some of her toughest lessons.

This is one hell of a song, from the drum grooves to the horns and bass lines to the bell synths and soulful vocals - this is a song that brings a big band feel to a painful journey.


GEMÏNY – Creep

Columbia, United States

Gemïny conducts his seemingly boundless reclamation of life from an oppressive stalker. "Creep" is the title of this release! True to its word, the song is edgy in a swirl of funk and alternative R&B. The bass guitar is funky and hot as ****.

The lyrics offer a whole world of soul along with a whole lot of fire in vocal performance. The track was mixed by Josh Florez and mastered by Jeremy Chua, Gemïny and the team who have created a production that you can't help but return to for more! Check it out by clicking the link below!


MINA - Don't Hold On

London, United Kingdom

‘Don’t Hold On’ is the brand-new single by London Singer-Songwriter Mina in collaboration with one of the UK’s most acclaimed Jazz & Neo Soul pianists & composers, Nathan Britton (Ego Ella May, Pixie Lott, Andy Davies).

The singe is a soul-inspired production written by the artist herself, addressing her experiences of navigating through the world of modern dating. Taking influence from legends of R&B/Soul, Gabrielle, Sade and Alicia Keys, sees Mina bring the sauce and soul in her latest release. It is clear that some serious talent has been involved in this release!

If you are a fan of soulful jazz then here is a little gem for you, MINA-sized.



Fresno, United States

Credit - Bekah Izard

Let me introduce CHARLIE STEADY's single releases “Songstress” and “A Song and Dance Man”. Both songs speak of the adventures of Magpie who is the main character on CHARLIE STEADY'S upcoming album.

Charlie Steady is the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of narrative-driven music that spans a range of genres within Indie, Alternative, Rock, and Alt-pop. The first track on this release "Songstress" merges these genres with funk and R&B to create a song that you wouldn't ever begin to be able to imagine until you hear it! So, have a listen and see what you think of a song that has no walls!


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