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Updated: Nov 5, 2022


PROKLAIM – Options

Windhoek, Namibia

Credit - photonphotography

PROKLAIM really has done it again and improved in masses since his last release. I didn't think an artist could grow so much in the space of one release but PROKLAIM just came and not only beat himself but also makes his way in at Number 1 this week.

From the moment you hit play you will find yourself drawn into relaxed hip-hop guitar strums and classic percussion. The synths add a few adlibs to carry the piece whilst PROKLAIM's lyrical content and vocal execution smashes all competition out of the park! From smooth layered harmonies to a skilful rap flow and an old-school Nelly feel, PROKLAIM deserves his spot at Number 1!


DAX - Depression

Wichita, United States

The latest release from Dax holds a world of power within its one worded title - 'Depression'. The opening lyrics captivate listeners with their rawness and honesty. "I can't find myself, I get lost inside my brain, think I might need help, but I push all them away". As well as being thoroughly relatable and touching the way that Dax sings the full hook makes it easy to grasp every word.

The lyrics address the feeling of drowning in your mind, alone in the depths of hell and a clear perception of pharmaceuticals and therapy practices. 'Depression' is a song that everybody needs to get behind, it's not easy to open your heart out to the world but Dax does it every time in a way that has the potential to move the world.


TONY LOUD WOODZ - Bunch Of Assholes

Philadelphia, United States

Credit - Tony Loud Woodz

TONY LOUD WOODZ is back with his latest release 'Bunch Of Assholes' featuring LIL GOTTI and boy are they bringing the heat! 'Bunch Of Assholes' offers a whole load of rap flows with minimal breaks in between bars. When talking about the release WOODZ spoke about the meaning behind the piece. "Realizing you're an asshole is a life changing epiphany for most. Once we realized we were both assholes we decided "why not make a song together?". The piece reminds me of Kanye Golddigger at the start through its emphasis on brass and synth instruments but as it continues to develop listeners are influenced by the energy of the tempo and attitude within the variety of rap flows. If this track is what it means to be an asshole then I'm in!


K.KAYNE - Whine

Reading, United Kingdom

K.Kanye continues to impress his ever-going audience with his latest release "Whine". After establishing himself with his previous singles "Loco", "Writing Stage" and "All Alone" This young star is back with another high-energy, radio-ready performance! K.Kayne shows that dreams and aspirations can be achieved in the right headspace. Originally inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld and Dave, K.Kayne has used this inspiration to focus on his unique artistic direction. This is an artist that you can't afford to miss! Makr sure that you check out this artists' catalogue for some serious UK Underground talent.


JOE KENNEY - If It Lasts (feat. Sterling Duns)

Phoenixville, PA, United States

Credit - Andrew Miller

Joe Kenney and Sterling Duns have brought something spectacular to our finds this week in the form of their remix of "If It Lasts". Beginning with the sounds of the streets, cars and white noise before completely switching to a track that is full of solitude, this song is one that will impress listeners far and wide. The calm and collected guitar plucks to the reverbed woodblock percussion carry listeners along the clouds and into relaxation whilst the vocal performance amazes listeners through luscious male/female harmonies and distinctly different vocal styles. Neo soul meets hip-hop in this amazing piece! Just wow.



Virginia, United States

Coming in at Number 5 this week is Virginia based R&B/Pop group candy from strangers with their freshly squeezed song 'Game Show'. The track was released only today, so, remember you heard it here! 'Game Show' really builds an anticipation within their audience due to their suspenseful electronic sounds, soulful melodies, and uplifting dance rhythms.

The opening guitar strums set listeners up for a smooth treat just in time for the vocals. I don't know which part of the track I love the most, maybe its the guitar, maybe it's the way that the drums and bass hold the whole piece together or maybe it's the smooth female R&B vocals and the energy of the male rap vocals? No, it's the whole damn production! This such a funky and soulful banger! Ready to play? Get it on repeat!


J.OUTLAW - Fly Patrol

Los Angeles, United States

Now for something slick and fine! Straight out of Los Angeles, J.Outlaw has been working hard on his craft to bring us some absolute heat! His latest track entitled 'Fly Patrol' combines a classic early 00s R&B instrumental with the freshness of autotuned rap vocals leaving us all amazed! 'Fly Patrol' is a song that you won't want to end, from the familiarity and warmth of the instrumental to the energy and skill of the vocal content, J.Outlaw really does have it all!

So, kick back, relax, and let J.Outlaw take you on a journey through 'Fly Patrol' by clicking the link below! Don't forget to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page if he's your Number 1 this week!


RASEAN PARKS - Black Venus

Columbia, United States

Black Venus is the late-night, spacious track that you won't know that you needed until you hear it. Las Vegas Hip-hop/Neo-Soul artist, RaSean Parks is the name of the talent behind the release, remember it!

The song takes inspiration from 'Black Venus', Josephine Baker, astrology and more. So, who's a fan of the zodiac? I definitely am. The song lifts listeners into a state of calm and relaxation through its smooth late-night listening vibe. For a head-nodding hip-hop production that brings the beats and the heat then get your ears around this magical manifestation! I love the way that the lyrics make reference to so many zodiac signs. Get it on repeat!


BLACK SILVER - Once Upon A Rhyme

Las Vegas, United States

There's nothing I love more than an educational opening in a track. Physics anybody? Then hit play on the link below to have a listen to 'Once Upon a Rhyme'. This latest release by Black Silver implements a hard rap flow on the basis of a very Outkast style production. From the electrifying guitar solos to the experimental basslines and melodies combined with a conscious message, 'Once Upon a Rhyme' merges the old with the new to create something so fresh, so clean. I'll be keeping an eye on what's coming next from Black Silver, no doubt about that. Check it out!


VIDORRA - Here We Go Again

Stafford, United Kingdom

Credit - Vidorra

'Here We Go Again' released by Vidorra is a song that everyone needs to root for! Released just yesterday, the latest single from Vidorra provides listeners with 3 minutes and 36 seconds of pure emotional excellence.

There's an experimental element from start to finish that is provided by the offbeat of the bass making an intriguing listen. The interesting thing about this is that there isn't a main synth melody within the piece, the instrumental is carried by bass, drums and vocals. For something different yet satisfying make sure that you click the link below to hear it for yourself.

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