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WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART TOP 10 Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 15/07/2022

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Number 1



A smooth symphony induces us into this week’s top 10, with LA artist, 7KY pairing up with Avonlea to produce ‘TERRIBLE THINGS’.

This song has a concoction of everything. The way they replicate each other’s respective styles and synergise them is nothing short of majestic. They are both, quite evidently, very talented vocalists; and have identified the right way to go with a soothing instrumental such as this. It would be a difficult task trying to find a couple of artists who would perform just as well over this beat. A worthy feature at number one on this week’s chart. Be sure to vote for it below if it’s your favourite on the list!

Number 2

Rick Smoove - Lost

Texas, USA

Following at number two this week is vibrant Texas rapper Rick Smoove and his latest single, ‘Lost’.

This is a holiday anthem in the making, a rhythmic instrumental carried by chopping flows and appropriate lyricism. It would fit perfect on a boat party or sunset cruise, alike. I love how Smoove has adjusted his tone on this track to add that extra kick to, what is already, a beat filled with Caribbean vibes and energy.

A really tidy piece of work all round here from the emerging Texas artist!

Number 3

Jelie - Just Like You

Denver, USA

Hard-hitting lyricism at number three with Denver rapper, Jelie and her brand new release, ‘Just Like You’.

In the hook and throughout large sections of the verses here, Jelie alludes to looking up to the wrong figures, and learning how it’s not always best to follow in the footsteps of those you attempt to. She references hard imagery, flashbacks of her childhood, coming home to spiraling drunken parents repeatedly.

The track carries hard meaning with it, and Jelie’s delivery really helps interpret that efficiently. She emphasises the most critical parts of her bars and does it with authenticity. I’m truly excited to see her continue down this route with her music going forward!

Number 4

Awoodah, Sean Dampte - Fela N Bob Marley

Lagos, Nigeria

Something different for the ear at number four with Lagos rapper Awoodah collaborating with Sean Dampte for their track, ‘Fela N Bob Marley’.

Of course, including a legend such as Marley in your song title, you are asking for a high scope of criticism for the track itself. However, I feel the inclusion of Marley has been justified, and he would proud of the African energy and culture being represented by the pair on this track.

It has great technical depth. The production is at the correct levels across the board, nothing overwhelming. The instrumental goes without saying, it’s a head-bopper, and of course, the delivery and flow are second to none in this genre.

A very solid body of work overall by the duo.

Number 5

Junior Love - Love Bomb

New York, USA

Of New York origin, LA- based artist, Junior Love blessed our ears with his new single, ‘Love Bomb’.

The hook has great replay value, he adjusts his tone to drag out the ending, without quite being able to classify it as ‘singing’. It adds to the overall versatility of the track, a vital aspect. His voice suits this beat so well, it has great bounce and the energy he conveys correlates to that perfectly.

Take a listen to Junior Love’s ‘Love Bomb’ below, and be sure to vote for it if it’s your favourite on this week’s list!

Number 6

Deano - Detroit Gangsta

Detroit USA

Detroit rapper, Deano reps his roots with this catalogue-defining track, ‘Detroit Gangsta’.

The elements all add up to create something special here. There is such an air of confidence in his vocal performance, this is backed up with minor, but important additives in the production such as adlibs and doubles. The female vocals are also a nice touch on this theme.

I love seeing versatility in an artist’s work, it promises for durability in a challenging industry. I have no doubt in Deano and his craft going forward.

Number 7

Diom - I Got the Juice

West Africa

Multi-genre artist, Diom, got in his zone to produce his track, ‘I Got the Juice’, which features at number seven on this week’s list.

The hook is so easy on the ear, it has been stuck in my head since I first came across the track. I really like the interlude between the verses and later hooks, it adds much needed anticipation to the hook, one that deserves utmost appreciation.

Also, can we take a moment to mention the fact he uses two languages on this track? That’s true talent on display, to be able to blend his home tongue with the focus language and still be able to produce something everyone can listen to. What a pleasure to be a Diom fan!

Very clean work exhibited by the West African!

Number 8

Dani Twice - Sad Boy

Tampa, USA

It’s not easy to maintain a track at peak level of engagement for three plus minutes, but Tampa rapper, Dani Twice ensured that’s what we were treated to when listening to his latest track, ‘Sad Boy’.

I love the versatility he has introduced here, the beat consists of a series of level changes, rising and, subsequently, falling in a rhythmic pattern. Twice allows for some lapses, only to surge back in with relentless rampant flows.

A great tune from the Tampa artist and certainly one that promises for future excitement.

Number 9

Frank Bramble, AmberClxre - Serotonin

Birmingham, UK

‘Serotonin’ by Frank Bramble and AmberClxre is a track that brings with it a mood for different occasions.

The build up is quite simplistic and heavily focused on the vocal performance, however this later translates into a drum & bass theme, letting that carry the latter section of the song.

Bramble references the feeling of letting someone’s serotonin manifest itself upon you, and letting that synergise between you both into better people. I love the meaning behind the track and feel it has been performed to emphasise that.

Number 10

A-Lean - Dialogue


Finally, the conclude our top 10 this week we have Romanian artist, A-Lean and his new single, ‘Dialogue’.

The intro on this track is nice and adds anticipation to the beginning. It includes backing vocals and that of a female artist, which blends to be nice and easy on the ear.

The lyricism in the verses is emphatic and the 808s emphasise the parts that are most crucially required to take a closer listen to. A well-rounded track by the emerging Romanian here.




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