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A Sound I Can't Mute: R&B Sensation William Maus' 'WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH'

Promo Shot - William Maus
Promo Shot - William Maus

Brooklyn's own William Maus unveils 'WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH,' a reflective single exploring the depths of identity and consciousness, solidifying his position as a promising talent in the indie R&B scene.

Emerging from the heart of Brooklyn, William Maus, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, has captured the essence of introspective exploration in his latest single, "WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH." Moving to NYC in 2021, Maus found not only a new home but a newfound clarity in his songwriting, channeling his experiences into a deeply personal narrative that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

There's something that captured my attention right away in "WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH" and that is the sad opening guitar. It lures you into reflection, captivating the listener instantly. As the song goes on, it draws you closer and further in. In a cross between Sam Smith's soulful range and Daniel Caesar's R&B, you really cannot fault the sound at all! Just wow. I'm absolutely hooked by William Maus, and now, I'll be fangirling for at least the rest of the month, no lie. Damn. What a stunning voice, such depth in the lyrics and a relaxing backdrop. You don't want to close this page without hitting play. I demand it!

Recorded in his NYC apartment, "WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH" represents a pivotal moment of self-realization and acceptance for Maus. Working alongside renowned producer Arthur Pingrey, known for his work on eight Oscar-Nominated films, Maus blends pop and indie R&B to create a sound that's both edgy and relaxing, inviting listeners into his journey of self-discovery.

The single serves as a mirror, reflecting Maus's journey towards understanding himself beyond superficial identities. It's a testament to the power of solitude in uncovering the layers of one's consciousness, underscored by Maus's compelling vocal delivery and the song's soulful melody.

The whole "WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH" just stunning. There's nothing to say, only that you need to hear this sound. Released in 2022 as a 6 track EP, I think it's time for an album.

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Promo Shot - William Maus
Promo Shot - William Maus

As a One-Man Symphony, William Maus is not just the voice behind the music; he's the architect of his sound. With a history of accolades, including acting credits with The Atlantic Theatre Company and The Guthrie Theatre, and an honor from Harvard University as the 2020 International Informative Speaking Champion, Maus brings a rich background of storytelling and performance to his music.

With "WHO YOU'RE TALKING WITH," William Maus marks a significant milestone in his musical career but also in his personal growth. As he continues to navigate the complex landscapes of identity and expression, Maus invites his listeners to join him on his intimate universal journey.

Genres: Pop, Alternative, Indie R&B, R&B, Contemporary Pop, Contemporary R&B

Mood: Relaxing, Super Edgy

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