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Who I Am

Nashville, United States

Wyn Starks became a household name after taking to the stage during “America’s Got Talent” where he shared parts of his personal journey as well as his singing abilities. “Who I Am” is a song that marks a tribute to his late twin brother, and when the song was performed during the show judges and fans all had a similar reaction. Two standing ovations and tears from Sofia Vergara paint an image as to how special this release is.

It takes just the opening few seconds of a song to know whether you've found a gem - and this song is more than a gem, it's a diamond. From the moment I first hit play, I became consumed with the energy of the whole song which is something that has cemented Starks' spot in our Ones2Watch!

There's no doubt in my mind that "Who I Am" marks the start of a prosperous journey for Starks whether that be due to his extremely moving lyrics or his bold and brave lyrical content. Either way, this is an artist who will move the souls of everyone who hears his music and his story. - TAMARA JENNA


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