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Hi - Fives

Anthering, Austria

Credit - Jakob Esterbauer

When considering the latest talent, there are certainly up-and-coming artists putting countries on the map. That is what seems to be happening here with Xander Moon and their silky-smooth vocals in their latest release ‘Hi-Fives’. This Austrian artist has beautifully crafted this work of art and blessed us all with its story and message of what seems to be love, loss, learning, and hope for death to be the fixer of a relationship.

Beginning with gorgeous simple, but intense and emotional keys that continue to flow throughout, complimented by subtle drums and a gorgeous strong bass, which I can’t make out the cause of but know it adds a level of deepness through the headphones, this track takes you on a fully immersive journey.

Through the verses there are exquisitely placed guitar riffs, which change up the vibe of the track, creating segments that include an almost blues or funk feel, before crashing back down into its solemn, intensity which matches the topic's intention. Being almost ballad-like in design and delivery at these points, with big sounds and emotion-inducing instruments, such as the amazing organ segments, this track really moves into another dimension.

Pair all of this with the amazing vocals offered by Xander, coupled with the talking segments, but not forgetting the interesting production and composition of this release, it is safe to state this is a track created by pure talent, that needs to receive its rightful respect.


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