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YEW HAIKU - Peach Nietzsche


Peach Nietzsche

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Synth-wave has mixed with shoe gaze and no one told me! Only when listening to the intoxicating tones of Yew Haiku’s ‘Peach Nietzsche’ did I come to realise that these worlds were meant for one another. The synth tones and textures that rise abound and take on the emotion of the vocals. They synergise with the beat in a way that is wholly unique. The pace of the track, however, is slow, calming, it's staggering. The vocals sit in a single register and act as a drone for the lyrics as the song shifts and orbits about them. It's confounding in the best of ways and brings the highlights of both synth-wave and shoe gaze to the table.

‘Peach Nietzsche’ is dark, desolate and foreboding. But there is a light at its core, one of hope, one that says to whatever problem each of us may be facing, this too shall pass. Take a while to yourself today with Yew Haiku and you will be all the wiser because of it.


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