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YME - Someone Better - LATEST RELEASE


Someone Better

Venlo, Netherlands

For a great piece of artistry, it would be wise to look no further than YME. This Venlo, Netherland artist creates amazing, alternative, art pop tracks with a gorgeous dark twist, and this latest release is no different. ‘Someone better’ released on the 30th of October, discusses the feelings towards a previous lover once you have broken up. This almost four-minute track feels too short, as it reaches the end with your yearning for more. It is almost as if the smoothness and calm releases some level of tension within.

Utilising some subtle but beautiful anticipation-building synths to set the scene this track from the off brings a level of intrigue. This is quickly joined by a smooth, deep sensual clap-style beat. This adds to the chilling effect of the track, which when combined with the simple yet effective lyrics feels as though it resembles the resignation of the facts of what is happening in the artists' world. This journey is entirely carried by YME’s vocals, which remain slow and steady while also ensuring not to lose pitch and tone while conveying a level of emotion that is inexplicable.

This is a truly great and unique track that needs to be heard to be understood! - JASMINE

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