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Zanne Hanna and Austin Atlas Fuse Alt-Pop and Future Bass in 'In My Dreams

In_My_Dreams_Single_Cover: "Mesmerizing cover art for 'In My Dreams,' Zanne Hanna's latest single.

Healing Through Music

Zanne Hanna, an indie artist with a Berklee College of Music background, pours her soul into her latest single "In My Dreams," featuring multi-instrumentalist producer Austin Atlas. The song serves as an anthem for anyone who's navigated the tricky waters of a toxic relationship while also facing personal struggles such as OCD.

Emotional and Musical Richness

The song is rich not just in its emotional content but also in its musical elements. "I think you can really hear both of us in this track, with inspiration from Flume, Illenium, Chainsmokers, Maggie Rogers, and Purity Ring, to name a few," says Zanne. The song's structure inculcates Austin's love for future bass, serving as a perfect counterpart to Zanne's alt-pop vocal melodies.

The Story Behind the Song

Zanne, who is no stranger to confronting uncomfortable truths through her art, admits that the lyrics reflect her struggle with OCD and the emotional turmoil following the end of her long-term relationship. "This song is about processing my reality and coming to terms with my past and experience with OCD," she explains.

A Collaboration of Distinct Styles

Both Zanne and Austin bring their individual stylistic flourishes to the song. Zanne’s influence spans from electronic favorites like Sylvan Esso and Maggie Rogers to alt-rock giants like Radiohead. Austin, on the other hand, brings his knack for blending eclectic acoustic and electronic elements, inspired by electronic music legends like Madeon and Virtual Riot.


A Multilayered Experience

The song ends on a poignant note, confronting the emotional neglect Zanne experienced in her past relationship. This cathartic moment serves as the climax of a musical journey that is as multilayered as it is enlightening.

With "In My Dreams," Zanne Hanna and Austin Atlas offer more than just a song; they offer a lifeline to those grappling with complex emotional landscapes, creating a sonic tapestry that's as cathartic as it is innovative.


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