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Updated: Sep 17, 2022



HARGO – From The Rooftops

New Mexico, United States

Hargo is a producer, and singer-songwriter, and their single 'From The Rooftops!' really is beautifully unique! This tune is unlike anything you've heard before, with the use of 60's psychedelic textures over trial beats this will instantly capture your attention and get your music senses tingling. Starting uniquely with an echoey narrative speech before the beautifully angelic vocals softly begin. I adore the instrumental breakdowns as the vocals become powerful, this track has an alluring aura with the artistic genesis and lyrics that are extremely heartfelt, passionate, and undeniably catchy. This song awakens the mind and soul with its creativeness.



ELI LEV – I'm Ready

Boonsboro, Maryland, United States

Credit - Eric G. Brown

Eli Lev is a sincere, sweet, and soulful singer-songwriter who always pens lyrics and melodies that connect to the heart and soul, creating irresistibly uplifting music. Eli Lev has collaborated with My Silent Bravery for an incredibly melodic tune that you will instantly fall in love with, as both their voices collide creating beautiful musical magic with the single 'I'm Ready'. The guitar is light and airy giving the song a peaceful feeling as the drumbeat is powered through with a steady stomping beat. I do feel as if there’s Bon Jovi influence here and I absolutely love it!



BEYOND THE SUN – Get Myself Out

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Chris Borges

Beyond The Sun are an Alternative Pop / Rock band that you don't want to miss out on! Their single 'Get Myself Out' is super creative and catchy, you will absolutely find yourself bopping your shoulders along to the funky beat as you shake your hips! This song is short and sweet but definitely is one to get stuck in your head as you find yourself singing along. Consisting of deep, dark yet thought-provoking lyrics that are rather empowering for a life change or a fresh new start as you reflect on past events, current struggles, yourself, and your self-improvement.



PAUL VINSON – Final Show

Nashville, TN, United States

Credit - Kyle Neach

Paul Vinson is a Nashville-based Indie Rock artist and he has just released his new single 'Final Show'. The song starts with a lightly strummed guitar riff before the drumbeat approaches with a bold and steady beat setting the chirpy pace. The vocals are soft and delightful with a crisp and clear voice, this matching the tone of the lyrics that are telling an endearing love story. This song has a charm to it and I adore the electric guitar solo that is before the final chorus, creating such a gorgeous breakdown that truly gives the song depth and impact.



ALEX PACLIN – I Belong To You

Los Angeles, United States

Alex Paclin is a well-rounded musician with so many talents such as songwriting, superb vocals, guitar playing, and harmonica virtuoso. Paclin uses these incredible talents to create different music styles such as Blues, Funk, and Rock. 'I Belong To You' is the new single from this spectacular artist, this song is incredibly smooth yet exciting with fun and funky breakdowns, and the vocals are deep, divine, and endearing with a voice that truly stands out. With lively, loving lyrics that are ever so devoting you will be singing along all giddy as this song makes you think of someone special.




Giessen, Germany

Juliano is a charming creative composer who adores writing music that is inspired by different moods, nature, and the influence of genres and cinematic music. 'Torn' is an intriguing song title making you wonder about the story behind this incredibly beautiful yet haunting instrumental from start to finish. With the use of passionate piano playing and violin virtuosity played exquisitely together, they create a passionate atmosphere that you can't resist being drawn into their alluring composition. I could hear this being used within a gothic romantic vampire movie as it holds that rich, elegant, and enchanting aura of musical sound.



ZOE GUIGUENO – Queen Of My Domain

Vancouver Island, Canada

Credit - Aidan Grant

Zoe Guigueno is a multi-instrumentalist and a phenomenal vocalist gifting us with an angelic voice that is ever so soothing and truly mesmerising. The vocals are at the forefront of the song 'Queen Of My Domain' while the guitar riff is simply relaxed and beautifully melodic as the drumbeat paces the song with a simple, steady yet effective drumbeat. This song is divine and very intimate as we hear Guigueno tell us a heartfelt life journey that sounds incredibly personal, creating a visual with the storytelling lyrics. This is a tune you can wind down to after a stressful day!




Glasgow, United Kingdom

Credit - @maggo_ph

The Dead Night is a four-piece band with a distinctive sound influenced by The Cure, Jack White, The Killers, and The Waterboys, got your interest? Let me tell you more, their new single 'Drive' is a total smash hit, giving an old school Indie sound new life that is so upbeat, you'll want to put it on repeat! Starting with an electric guitar giving us the phrase of the song until the band comes crashing in with an infectious drumbeat as well as perfectly placed cymbal work. The guitar riffs are so energetic, that they will drive you to dance!




New Orleans, United States

Kevin The Persian has created an extremely brilliant old skool Rock-inspired tune with the track 'Rock Is Dead'. The drums are absolutely awesome as they drive the song along with a super speedy pace as well as adding crashing cymbals to emphasize the lyrics that are sung with deep, dangerous, dark vocals. The guitar riffs are heavy with sexy solos adding excitement as you're bouncing to the bold beats as you're headbanging to this devilish tune. This song gave me 100% 'Motorhead' vibes and I have missed this old but nostalgic heavy Rock n Roll sound in today's modern music!



9 O'CLOCK NASTY – Existential Dread

Leicester, United Kingdom

9 o'clock Nasty emerged from Leicester with an unusual sound that is one of its own but super catchy! 'Existential Dread' is their latest release and will grab your musical attention! The track starts with the rhythm section, using a driving drumbeat and a heavy bass line to give the song a jumpy vibe with a brilliant bouncy bop accompanied by an awesome bassline that is super catchy and consistent. Not forgetting the exciting guitar licks and synth melodies that create an edgy and enthusiastic sound making this tune really stand out. This banging track is dark, bold, and thunderous!





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