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Updated: Oct 22, 2022



Brisbane, Australia

Patient Lounge consists of Zach Eather and Nick Keough -Peel, together creating a unique style combining Rock and modern Pop influences. PL writes songs about a “simple belief, inside everyone there is an intense force of self-sabotage”, fighting back against self negativity they write songs that connect with others. From the first second of ‘Hard Truth’ I was captured! I get old skool Escape The Fate vibes and love the nostalgia it’s bringing me. The drums are heavy and speedy with edgy guitar riffs that are excitingly exquisite with vocals that are that totally gorgeous and pure Rock n Roll.


VENICE – Fool's Gold

Venice, United States

VENICE gives me Eagles mixed with Toto vibes and I am lovin’ it! Their sound is a combination of Classic Rock, Folk influences with soulful Pop sensibilities giving us a familiar yet fresh sound! ‘Fool’s Gold’ is the latest release starting with a gorgeous finger-picking melody before the electric guitar approaches with a high funk strum, the drums then come in with an upbeat pace with the kick drum emphasising the bassline. The dual vocals are light and smooth with gorgeous harmonies and the lyrics are super catchy and memorable, they’ll have you singing along before the song is done!


REVEREE – The Chalice Of Exhaustion

Berlin, Germany

One man and his guitar, the purest of music! The Chalice Of Exhaustion is the latest release from Reveree who is an artist that creates acoustic, atmospheric and cinematographic forms from inspirations and traditions. The song is mellow with the guitar riff warm and humble with a slow strumming pace. This track definitely holds true traditions of classic Country with a soft but rich acoustic melody that instantly draws you into the song as you follow the storytelling lyrics that are sung in a slow, deep, low vocal register that truly reminds me of the one and only Johnny Cash.


MARK ROSAL – Needle In A Haystack

Lake Country, United States

Mark Rosal is here with us again at TJPL News and we are ever so grateful for the music! Rosal has a genuine passion for music and has spent years exploring his inner world and creating his lyrics as a reflection of his work; creating stories, painting pictures and crafting a connection. ‘Needle In A Haystack’ is a smooth sweet sounding Indie track with the guitar riff passionate and perfectly paced alongside the vocals that are rich, powerful and 90’s infused. This song gives me pure nostalgia vibes thus reminding me of the iconic track… R.E.M – Man On The Moon.



Ottawa, Canada

Tristen Bishop has made himself known for this unusual and fascinating approach to musical composition as he shares his love of storytelling through instruments. ‘The Path’ is an extremely graceful tune that I feel sparks a sense of adventure and exploring, I can imagine this being the background music for a life simulation game such as Animal Crossing. The tune starts with a lightly picked guitar giving a sweet starting sound encouraged by the steel drum that is struck in an ever-so-delicate manner creating a soft rhythmic beat. This is a perfect listen for someone who’s a casual, light-hearted gamer!


LIPFORD – Back to You

Rome, Italy

Credit - LIPFORD

Lipford gifts us with his latest release ‘Back to You’ and it is so incredibly beautiful and pure! The song starts with a simple sweetly soft guitar riff holding a great impact with the beauty in depth Folk–styled melody alongside angelic vocals. The vocals are deeply handsome with a powerful vocal range and an incredible vocal vibrato with a nicely controlled cadence as he expresses a heartfelt storytelling song. ‘Back to You’ makes you want to exclude the world and fade away with the music, truly feeling the song from within as you sing your heart out to it!


MATYASCORVINUS – Her Shadow In The Flame

Kotka, Finland

Credit - Matyascorvinus

The talent here all began with an interest in the ukulele! Matyascorvinus aims to find “the beauty, serenity and the simplicity in his music” as he follows his musical intuition and experiments with other instruments. The song ‘Her Shadow In The Flame’ is an incredible instrumental that completely absorbs you into another universe with just the use of strings! The song starts with deeply divine daunting synth notes that are fading in before the acoustic guitar comes in with a dramatic but ever-so-beautiful melody that creates a movie scene reflecting mourning and sadness but with a light and elegant tone.


SLEEPING TOGETHER – Money & Nicotine

Manchester, United Kingdom

Credit - Sam Corcoran

Sleeping Together is an energetic Indie band with old skool Pop-Punk sensibilities giving me The Offspring vibes! Their brand new single ‘Money & Nicotine’ brings us bold beats and awesome guitar riffs with cool, catchy, creative lyrics that will have you singing along instantly. The song kicks straight into an instant banger, with a bouncy drumbeat, and high synth tones, the bass is playing the root notes giving the song a fuller sound as the guitar riff gives the song an extra edge with energetic guitar strums. This is a song I’d want to hear in a teen movie, like American Pie.


EVAN ISAAC – Good Plan

NYC, United States

Credit - Andrew Womack

Evan Isaac is an Indie – Rock artist with a distinctive and delightful voice! His latest release ‘Good Plan’ is a short and sweet song thus making you want to pop it back on repeat and at full volume as you softly jam along with the upbeat melodic tune! The drums are laid back but impactful with heavy strikes whilst giving us a steady pace as the guitar riffs follow suit as the guitar riff creates a soulful sway. The guitar softly strums making a light and airy melody as the other strums a deep root note every bar or two.


ISAAC NEILSON – Tear This Down

Buxton, United Kingdom

Isaac Neilson is an Indie Rock artist and has just released his brand new track ‘Tear This Down’! The song starts with a high-hat rhythm as a kick drum gives us a contagious beat before building up smoothly into a smashing banger! The guitar comes in on the chorus giving us a bouncy riff that continues making us want to jump and dance around singing along with the unforgettable lyrics that are sung with passionate, powerful vocals. The distinctive tone of dry vocals with a slight echo makes this a tune that is extremely reminiscent of 90’s Indie sound.



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