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Updated: Nov 5, 2022



Oklahoma City, United States

Blueprint Tokyo is an Indie-Rock duo that shares with us their extreme musical talent and loves creating infectious hooks and atmosphere! Their latest single ‘Say Anything’ is an absolute hit and I love it! I love the dramatic tone, the hauntingly gorgeous vocals, and the spooky atmospheric lyrics! The drumbeat starts simple yet effective but builds for an impactful chorus, the guitar riffs are exciting and extremely energetic! I adore the dramatic vocals that are incredibly passionate and full of power with lyrics that are amazing, so mysterious and captivating! I get Head Automatica vibes and I need more tunes!



New York, United States

We just can’t get enough of Chapell’s music, he is back in the TJPL News Top 10 with his latest single ‘Ride’ and what a sweet soulful song it is! Starting with a bold drum beat that mellows setting the pace for the track alongside the sweet elegant sound of violins both creating a powerful intro! The drums are steady creating a walking beat as the acoustic guitar strums passionately waiting for the electric guitar to take us away with a fascinating solo before the final chorus. The lyrics are inspiring and imprinting, this will get stuck in your head!


SAM MARKE - burden to bear

Long Beach, United States

Credit - mccabe slye

Sam Marke is an upcoming singer-songwriter who writes honest and heartfelt music about real-life experiences and the effects they have on a person. I truly believe this is an artist most could truly connect with, as he shares honest and intimate thoughts, inner dialogue and deep emotions. His single ‘burden to bear’ is just proof of this, with pure emotion seeping through the lyrical lines! The piano is sweet and mellow pairing perfectly with the rich and sombre vocals that are incredibly angelic with truly expressive vocal ranges. This really reminds me of the lighter side of ONE OK ROCK!


FREDDY HALL - That's What You Do

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Marques Walls

Freddy Hall crafts songs about “life, love and everything in between” which I find truly beautiful! This Indie-Pop artist has gifted us with their latest release ‘That’s What You Do’ and it is incredibly heart-warming and rather emotionally uplifting with a sense of inspiration and loving affection when you may feel alone. The guitar riff is sweet and soothing creating a soft beat as the strings are lightly strummed alongside the light vocals, which are caring and incredibly angelic perfectly paired with the essence of strings. This song sounds and feels like it’s meant for the heart to listen to!



Rotterdam, Netherlands

Daisy Cools is a beautiful singer-songwriter who shares her experiences through her songs! 'Sunday' is the first single off her album 'Sundays' and what a perfect introduction it is, with a sweet and soulful sound with a welcoming embrace. The song starts sweet and simple with a gently picked guitar before the electric guitar approaches with a rich yet light-hearted strum, allowing the angelic vocals to be at the forefront of the track. This is a song that a listener can connect to personally with their own life experiences, the lyrics are light-hearted creating an emotionally empowering and inspiring tune!


CLARK GRAHAM - The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes

Vancouver, Canada

Credit - Wendy Dyk

Clark Graham is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who creates wonderful and passionate musical pieces! The latest single ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ combines a smooth Country / Rock with Folk sensibilities that create a soulful tune that is irresistible to the ears, heart and soul! The song holds a walking beat you can’t resist bopping along to as the guitar riff is quite prominent with strong strums of the chords gifting us with the Folk tones. The vocals are ever so humble and handsome with lyrics that are incredibly endearing thus making you want to listen along intently.



Columbia, MD, United States

Intercontinen7al’s track 'War's The Noise' is phenomenal and it holds an extremely powerful message within its lyrics! Starting with a light-hearted strum of the acoustic guitar creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere alongside the passion-filled heavenly vocals! The vocals are pure, passionate and powerful filled truly expressing the hurt and pain from the lyrics that are descriptive, honest and insightful, expressing the sad, sensitive and intimate issues plaguing the world today. The finale is necessarily dramatic with the drums bold and impactful as the electric guitar musically weeps with a solo emphasising the raw emotions of the song.



Washington, DC, United States

Credit - Tired all the Time

Tired All The Time AKA TATT, an experimental Rock group! TATT combines a range of genres such as Post-Punk, Indie-Pop, Noise Rock, and Neo-Psychedelia, creating a one of a kind sound! ‘Regrets’ starts with a drumbeat that is gorgeous with its simplicity, proving sometimes less is more for an effective intro! The bass and guitar approach with the deep yet divine vocals along with a synth that lightly washes before gradually building up mid versus, getting us excited for the rest of the track! The chorus is bold and bashful and the song as a whole is an absolute banger!


COCONUT SHY - Water, Water

Melbourne, Australia

Credit - Conor Herbert

Coconut Shy is the talent of singer-songwriter Joseph Mackey, who combines introspective, unique and intriguing lyrics matched marvellously with the gentle sound of soothing acoustics. The latest single ‘Water, Water’ is a smooth, soulful sway of a tune that you could imagine yourself hearing on a beach-front bar whilst enjoying a holiday! The acoustic guitar riff is strummed with a relaxed vibe producing a melody that is exquisite, with a light, simple yet effective tone thus allowing the vocals to be at the forefront of the track as the vocals hold power and passion whilst expressing sweet and soulful lyrics!


METROPHOBIA - Words Unsaid

Geneva, Switzerland

Credit -

Metrophobia is a Swiss duo that consists of Mark on vocals and acoustic guitar alongside José on guitar, bass and drum programming. The talented pair compose Indie / Alternative Rock music that includes brilliant melodies, and a slightly dark production that creates impactful and full-sounding songs! ‘Words Unsaid’ gives me vibes of Placebo - ‘Every You, Every Me’, with dry and dark vocals that have a slight high pitch. Their sound is daring yet distinctive with a combination of artist instinct, musical inspiration and creativity; using dark sombre tones, and distorted guitar riffs paired with intense drumming and melodic bass.


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