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ACTVE CAPTVE's 'Ellis Island': A Musical Odyssey from Loss to New Beginnings

Embodying the Duality of Human Emotion through Symphonic Layers and Soulful Lyrics

Navigating Emotional Seas

ACTVE CAPTVE dives into a tumultuous sea of human emotion in their newest single, "Ellis Island." This second track from their forthcoming EP "Saudaze" serves as a compass for those who are navigating through the choppy waters of love, loss, and hope.

Symbols and Analogies

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Ellis Island, a gateway to new lives for countless immigrants, songwriter Justin Han uses it as a potent metaphor for moving on after a personal loss. "The song captures the dichotomy of leaving behind a cherished world while simultaneously holding onto the hope of creating a new one," explains Han.

A Collision of Genres

Produced by Jason Heninger at Orb Studios in Austin, TX, and featuring Cassie Brandi's soulful vocals, the track becomes a melting pot of musical influences—much like the immigrant experience it symbolizes. Justin Han, with his background in classical music and punk-blues drums, leads the charge in ACTVE CAPTVE's genre-defying approach to music.


Artistic Teamwork

Mixed by Israel Doria and mastered by Justin Colletti, the track is a collaborative effort that leverages the unique talents of each contributor. Drum work by Kyle May, recorded in Nashville, lends additional depth to the song, anchoring its almost gospel-like qualities.

A Band With a Mission

ACTVE CAPTVE's commitment to pushing musical boundaries is evident in this release. With roots in the contrasting worlds of classical music and raw, modern sound, they aim to craft songs that resonate on a deeply human level. "Our overarching goal remains clear: to create music that connects with listeners on a profound level," states Han.

With "Ellis Island," ACTVE CAPTVE invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and transformation. Its poignant storytelling and layered composition create a rich tapestry of sound that serves as a testament to the band's innovation and the universal nature of human emotions.


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