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Milford, United States

Coming fresh out of Milford, United States is an artist named DJ OVERTURE. His latest release is a 7-song album entitled "Colors". The album lasts just under 20 minutes in length but jumps the realm of space and time in its production value! "Colors" is an album that is packed to the brim with pure emotions and feelings. Each track on the project is titled after a different colour with each of them holding its own significance to the artist. This is a super cool concept that I for one was eager to get into. Ever wondered how colors sound? well, now we're given a whole album that explores just that!

Opening this rainbow-coloured spectrum of emotion is a song entitled "Red". Now, for me, red symbolises sexiness and danger, something that I perceived through this piece. The dark cinematic hard-hitting elements feel dangerous yet sexy when resting against the main body of the piece. The subtle percussion offers listeners a shake or two in between the dreamy synth composition.

Next up is a song called "Orange". This instrumental offers something highly emotive through the consistent slow boom-bap percussion and xylophone-sounding melodic elements. One thing is clear throughout the production and that is that this promises to be an album of hypnotic magic.

What does Yellow mean to you? to me, it symbolises happiness, to some warmth and to others, hope. This production is a lo-fi expression that takes its dominance from bell synths. It's uplifting, warm and full of hope - something guaranteed to leave listeners feeling happy.

Green. What could green mean? Envy is the first thing I think of when I think of the word green. This song doesn't appear to project that though. This instrumental had me questioning the thoughts behind the name and the production. I think you should listen to it and see if you can help me out here? Either way, this piece has an edgy feel to it through a haunting backing sample whilst at the forefront of the piece, there is light.

Blue, is the colour of skies and seas. This composition samples water sounds and is a smooth production through and through. If you're looking for a lofi sound that will guide you through the waves and into a sea of wonder then this is the track for you!

Purple, is my favourite colour. This production brings the smoothness of bass guitar and combines it with old-school hip hop drum loops and classic jazz-infused keys. I love this piece. I have no idea what purple means or symbolises but I know that this piece hits!

Concluding the album is an instrumental called "Indigo". The piece has a hypnotic feel to it through the distant guitar playing and the use of the whammy bar. When combined with gorgeous Spanish guitar solos, this song becomes a whole entity in its own right. This is a beautiful way to conclude a chapter and in this instance, an album.

I really enjoyed listening to this project, it sparks up so many conscious investigations without a single word to its name.



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