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ALBUM REVIEW - GE & LUKE - Ambient Memories



Ambient Memories

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss brothers Ge & Luke are a dynamic EDM/Pop duo who have made it their mission to create high-quality music across the globe. Putting their childhood musical inspirations to use, the duo enforce elements of the music from the ’80s and ’90s to create their own sound for a modern audience. Since 2020 these two brothers have released many projects on Spotify from single releases to EPs with their latest marking their first full-length album. Consisting of 5 tracks that span from 5 to just under 7 minutes long, this project takes listeners into a beautiful yet catchy dreamscape. The title of the project? "Ambient Memories". The opening piece goes by the name of "Finding A New Destiny". It is evident from its cinematic soundscape opening that there is a story to develop not only throughout the composition itself but throughout the project as a whole. The use of key synths offers an electronic mist of classical piano and the modern era of electronic pop. The softness of the percussion echoes mellowly throughout the space of the piece to provide something very moving. You will definitely get lost in the story here! As the piece approaches its second instalment listeners are captivated by the sound of rain pouring before feeling as though the storm has passed to make way for a new beginning. This piece has been crafted and carved so intricately to provide a vast amount of emotional storytelling which leaves listeners in a hypnotic state. This is a great opening piece that showcases the talent and skill of the duo impeccably. Endless Ocean View introduces a more modern sound and includes more instrumentation. The piece is a lot busier yet seems to take up the same amount of headspace as the piece before it. Here, listeners are invited into the hustle and bustle of fast-paced percussion as well as slowly washed down the river of melodic synths. This piece offers a mix of cultures from the rhythmic forces of afrobeat percussion to the string synths of the Middle East and even the meditative windpipes of Native America. This piece covers a vast amount of the globe in just over five minutes. "A Canarian Night" is a beautiful piece that highlights imagery of nature. The piece created images of the desert within my mind through the calmness and repetitive nature of the backing melodies to the almost hissing sound of the percussion. A Canarian Night will whisk listeners out of their surroundings and into the late-night realms of the Desert within seconds. This piece is true magic so turn on your lamp and go on a journey with Aladdin. First Rays Of Sunlight marks the penultimate piece of the project. Offering listeners the same feeling of relaxation, this piece continues to use steady percussion to build. This piece holds the same trance-like abilities but with a feel of the Orient through the key synth melodies. I felt myself leave the realms of the Desert and enter the root of Chinese medicine in song form.

This project will truly transport you from place to place through every transition. I have no idea how these two do it but they are definitely magicians of their craft. - TAMARA JENNA - TJPL NEWS

Closing the project is a track entitled "There Will Always Be A New Morning". Through this piece, listeners are offered a feel of hope for fresh beginnings an new cycles. The piece lifts and drops like a whirlwind just as life does. Leaving you with the thought that better days are ahead. Simply flawless.



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