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ALBUM REVIEW - SMYLES - Trans-Emotional



SMYLES - Trans-Emotional

DC, United States

Credit - Aliah Fisher





#Trans-Emotional is the latest 10-track instrumental album by #SMYLES that features Latin, Reggae, Soul, and Hip-Hop genres and merges them into a genius of an album! The album opens with the track #AKween'sWorld performed by #Smyles. This is such a great opening track that is infused with the sounds of the Caribbean (Just what I needed to hear a few days before my trip to Cuba!) The piece has the freedom of jazz brass instrumentation, steel pans, and reggae/ska percussions. Man, this is a feel-good piece that will raise your energy so make sure that you listen to this! "ThisHoochie, That Nigga" is another track performed by #Smyles that lifts the spirits of the listener! In a cool effortless way, the artist has you envisioning busy streets and calm beaches - this is definitely one for your holiday playlists! #Estoy Borracha, Sin Riñón made it straight into the "Tamara Jenna's Top Picks" Spotify Playlist. This track brings the taste of the Caribbean and fuses it with the familiarity of T-Pain's hit song #BuyUADrank - this is a track that got me gassed I can't lie! I will have this on repeat over the next few days and beyond. #MoanForMexxx has a chilled feel about it, it's one for your relaxation days and makes for uplifting easy listening. I love the soulful hip-hop drum loops and soulful synths here it's a great addition to the album. #VaginaPoetry brings some sass to the album in the form of hip-hop, funk, and soul in a very feminist way. I love the female vocal samples used here - they make a stand for women's right to celebrate their anatomy. #CatchMyToxic has some funky guitar twangs, and reggae beats and is overall a smashing rhythmic explosion of culture. #YouBetterHit It!! features a multitude of musicians including the likes of D. Holland, D. Jenkins, K. Lawson, K. Pearce, and Smyles. The track opens with a brief motivational speech before moving into the slick hip-hop instrumentation - if you like old-school hip-hop with a hint of jazz then this is your jam for sure! #BadGirl, Good Relationship whisked me right back into Cuba (I'm really getting carried away within the realms of this album) I love the whistle notes, the cha-cha style, and the hip-hop drums - I really think that this piece is the perfect exploration of a multitude of cultural influences. #GodInMyVeins takes listeners back into good old-school soul - I really felt this one. As the album comes to a close we're given #SuicideSchedule. This is a track that completely switched the style of the album but still worked the same on my emotions! The heavy guitar opens the track along with rap vocals before bringing a dreamy feel into the piece. There are many different elements within this eclectic track - I love it! The piece ends with an electrifying guitar solo and man I was in my element. I highly recommend that you click the link above and listen to each track here!


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