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ALBUM REVIEW - SUN DEEP - Quarantined Thoughts



Quarantined Thoughts

Oklahoma City, United States

Sun Deep’s newest album Quarantined Thoughts is at its essence, an album of feel-good tracks which uses its primary theme of catchy, repeating beats to keep all listeners engaged. My favourite tracks have to be ‘Evening Breeze’ and ‘Chaar Rasta’ which through the clever use of soft voices, strong beats and the sound of distant hymns, capture the uplifting qualities of many of Sun Deep’s work.

Sun Deep integrates electronic sounds in his tracks to create an unusual, quirky and futuristic delivery. His track ‘It’s Complicated’ and ‘For You’ offer an alternative, darker sound making his album a very diverse one. Sun Deep effectively uses different creative choices in these tracks to create quite an eerie tone, making you feel entranced by this darker sound. Yet through the talent of great artistic choices, Sun Deep resolves back to the reoccurring theme of unforgettable captivating beats. It is this element of surprise in his music which makes you feel many different ways. From relaxed, soothed and full of suspense, you can expect to feel all kinds of emotions as you make your way through Quarantined Thoughts.

‘Rainy Chai’ and ‘Saadhna’ is certainly a track which caught my attention on the album. The soft touches of jazz-sounding piano runs and mellow chordal patterns cleverly scattered in the backing track make this quite a soothing sound in particular. Similarly, the same musical touches in ‘Fate’ feels quite tranquil and gives the illusion of being in a rainforest.

There is a similar feeling of calmness in ‘The Right move’ yet this piece is unique in it being the only track which does not have a strong beat as the main objective. This is highly contrasted with ‘Fly With Me’ which is a track full of various strong beats, allowing the listener to see the broad musical ability of Sun Deep and how he can deliver memorable alternative styles of music.

‘We Can Move Mountains’ and ‘How Did We End Up Here’ I found the catchiest tracks, due to the integration of multiple styles, varying from interesting digital-sounding sections to charming eastern sounds through catchy guitar riffs, Sun Deep is certainly talented at creating imagery in his music. It is this contrast which captures the mysterious nature of the track and leaves one mesmerised by how so many different sounds can be incorporated so effortlessly.

At its core, this is an album of catchy beats which can leave anyone hooked and emerged in the music. However what sets this aside from other tracks of a similar genre is the ability to put the listener through a roller coaster of emotions, which Sun Deep seems to inflict with such ease and is a huge testament to his artistic abilities.

From catchy feel-good beats to darker electronic-sounding moments, Quarantined Thoughts is certainly an unforgettable album. - AIMEE STOKES



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